Oxygen Sensors are becoming much more and an ext advanced, together manufacturers enhance processes and materials for superior engine monitoring. High power applications frequently utilize a wideband oxygen sensor, or many oxygen sensors come maximize engine control.

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These sensors are likewise known as 02 sensors, and they constantly inspect the exhaust gases leaving her engine come see how your engine is running. An overly skinny or rich problem can result in a OBDII trouble code, which will result in your malfunction Indicator Lamp gift activated. This inspect engine code deserve to be problematic and annoying.

Today we are reflecting you how to change a Honda Accord oxygen sensor in a 2002 Honda Accord VTEC SOHC 4 cylinder F22A4. The component number because that this upstream oxygen sensor is Honda 36531-PAA-307 or 36531-PAA-L21. There’s additionally a few other numbers you deserve to interchage v the Honda Accord part number, this are 36531-PAA-L22 or 36531-PAA-L23.


Where is mine Honda Accord Oxygen Sensor Located?

The upstream oxygen sensor is located in the exhaust headers, screwed into the major exhaust collector of her F23. To situate your 02 sensor, open up your hood and also take a look at the front of your engine and also header assembly.


This upstream 02 sensor is leading to a lazy oxygen sensor issue, and triggering the P0171 trouble password in this 2002 Honda Accord. The downstream unit is screwed into the exhaust pipeline after the catalytic converter. If one of your Honda 02 sensors is faulty, it’s finest that friend don’t journey the car until you gain this oxygen sensor replaced.

If your examine engine irradiate is on, you will certainly not have the ability to pass any emissions test in her state, if applicable.

Because our DTC trouble code is causing a financial institution 0 or bank 1 lean condition, we must replace the prior 02 sensor. We’ll be showing you how to Replace a Honda Accord Oxygen Sensor beginning with the wiring exploit first.

How come Unplug her Honda Accord Oxygen Sensor

To discover the Honda Accord oxygen sensor connector, look follow me the area whereby the transmission meets the engine. There need to be a metal clip located on the 17mm bolt the runs through the transmission bell housing.


Push increase on this plastic tab, which will permit you to eliminate the wiring exploit from the infection bracket. Once the oxygen sensor connector is removed, you can unplug the prior 02 sensor by depressing the retaining clip.

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With the 02 sensor unplugged, you can now unscrew the main upstream 02 sensor utilizing a oxygen sensor tool. As you start to screw in the brand-new replacement Honda Accord oxygen sensor, make sure to easy treat the object of the 02 sensor through anti-seize.

That go it for our How To change a Honda Accord Oxygen Sensor article, if friend have any type of questions or comments concerning this overview please leaving them for us below!