O2, or oxygen, sensors top top a Ford emphasis monitor the mix of oxygen proportion to melted fuel in the exhaust system. They transmit this data come the powertrain manage module, or PCM, which then adjusts the lot of fuel to comply v the data. ~ time, the O2 sensor in the emphasis can breakdown and expedition the "check engine" light on the dashboard. Replacing the sensor yourself can save friend money on job charges, and also the auto parts stores deserve to read the trouble code and also determine which sensor in the exhaust device of the Ford emphasis has gone bad.

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Put on the security glasses, collection all the devices and new O2 sensor, and also crawl under the former of the Focus.

Locate the O2 sensor you"re instead of by complying with the exhaust mechanism to the sensor the components store said you to be bad. The sensor screws right into portholes in the exhaust pipes forward of the catalytic converter. Over there is one near the manifold in the front pipeline area and another one near the catalytic converter.

Follow the cable of the O2 sensor come the plug and also unplug it. Use the flathead screwdriver to press in the clip lock and also separate the plug.

Place the oxygen sensor socket onto the ratchet and also remove the O2 sensor from the exhaust pipe. If the is stubbornly rusted or stuck, light the propane torch and also heat the area the pipe roughly the O2 sensor to increase the pipe. Remove the O2 sensor as soon as the pipeline expands sufficient to release it, however then permit ample time for the pipeline to cool down.

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Screw the new O2 sensor into the porthole in the exhaust pipe and also tighten with the ratchet and also socket. Be mindful not to over-tighten. Plug the wire back into the connector, collection the tools and also crawl out from under the Focus.

You have the right to unplug the negative battery terminal for five minutes or so to reset the computer in the Ford Focus. Be mindful that underlying troubles can be taking place in the procedure of the emphasis that can be causing the O2 sensor to fail and by just replacing the sensor, girlfriend may simply be temporarily fixing the problem and also inevitably damage the new sensor as well. An internal antifreeze leak, oil consumption, or a rich fuel mixture deserve to compromise and damage O2 sensors and also if no dealt with, can and also will damage replacement sensors. Make certain the parts store that scans your focus has a qualified human to assist you discover out why the sensor failure to start with.
automobile ramps Wheel chock security glasses instead of direct-fit oxygen sensor Oxygen sensor socket (3/8 inch drive) 3/8 inch drive ratchet Flathead screwdriver Portable propane torch Creeper (optional)

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