The 2002 Ford F-150 half-ton pickup to be equipped v three different rear axles: the 8.8-, 9.75- or 10.25-inch. They are every one of the semi-floating, C-clip type, v oil seals and also axle bearings in the finish of the axle tubes. A leaking oil seal will allow gear oil come contaminate the brake pair of shoes or pads, influence braking performance and also ruining the pads.

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Park the F-150 ~ above a level, paved surface and collection the parking brake. Place wheel chocks in prior of the prior wheels. Loosen the lug nuts ~ above the rear wheels. Progressive the F-150 with a jack and support it v jack stands. Eliminate the lug nuts and also wheels.

Remove the brake drum or caliper and rotor. To remove the caliper, use a ratchet and also socket to eliminate the two caliper retaining bolts from the back side that the caliper. Pull the caliper native the rotor and tie it to the frame with a item of wire. Remove the rotor.

Place a drainpipe pan under the differential cover. Remove all of the sheathe bolts, except the top three, through a ratchet and socket. Loosen the optimal three till they are most of the method out. This will stop the equipment oil indigenous gushing out as soon as you rest the seal in between the cover and also housing.

Slide a flat-head screwdriver between the cover and also housing to rest the seal. It is in gentle and also do no bend the cover. Catch the gear oil in the drain pan. Remove the 3 bolts and cover.

Remove the pinion bolt from the differential carrier with a ratchet and also socket. Slide the pinion tower out that the carrier till it passes the next gears within the carrier and you have the right to see the end of the axles.

Move come the wheel side of the axle and also push it in. Move earlier to the carrier and also use needle-nosed pliers to remove the now exposed C-clip indigenous the end of the axle. Move back to the wheel side of the axle and also slide the axle native the axle tube.

Pry the old oil seal indigenous the axle tube through a pry bar. Note which method the seal fits in the tube. Clean the inside of the axle tube through a shop rag dampened through lacquer thinner.

Coat the external rim and inside lip that the brand-new seal with a small wheel bearing grease. Right the seal versus the axle tube and tap the seal right into the tube through a socket and hammer. Choose a socket the fits against the exterior of the seal. Make certain the seal walk in straight and also is flush with the end of the tube.

Slide the axle in far enough so you have the right to install the C-clip. Pull the end on the axle to chair the clip in the next gear.

Push in the pinion shaft. Clean the object of the pinion bolt v lacquer thinner. Put a autumn of Loctite 242 subject locker ~ above the subject of the bolt. Install the bolt and also use a speak wrench to torque the bolt to in between 15 and 30 foot-pounds.

Cover the carrier v a shop rag. Scrape the mating surfaces of the housing and also cover through a gasket scraper. Be careful not come gouge the metal. Clean the mating surfaces v a shop rag and also lacquer thinner.

Apply a 3/16-inch bead of black color RTV silicone come the differential cover. Make a circle around each bolt hole. Mount the cover to the housing and also install and also torque the bolts to between 28 and 38 foot-pounds, functioning in a star-shaped pattern.

Mount the drum or rotor and also caliper. Torque the caliper bolts to 20 foot-pounds. Mountain the wheels and also lug nuts. Remove the filler plug and add 4 ounces of friction full if you have a limited-slip differential. To fill the axle v 75W-140 fabricated gear oil. Install and torque the filler plug to in between 15 and 30 foot-pounds.

Lower the F-150 and also torque the lug nuts come 100 foot-pounds for 12 mm studs and also 150 foot-pounds for 14 mm studs.

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Chilton Ford Pick-Ups, Expedition, Navigator 1997 v 2009 repair Manual; Eric Michael Mihalyi and Jay Storer
Wheel chocks Jack Jack was standing drainpipe pan Ratchet and also socket collection Flat-head driver Needle-nosed pliers Pry bar Hammer Shop rags Lacquer thinner Loctite 242 object locker talk wrench

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