Can someone short article graphical photos and Tip by Tip guide for removing Dash and also replacing the Front Heater Core in a 2006 Dodge Caravan.

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Sorry no pictures :)instructions at http://www.ejust

Replacing the Front Heater Core

1 Turn the steering wheel so that the wheels suggest right forward.

2 Disconnect the negative (black) battery cable.

3 Drain the coolant by twisting open the valve at the bottom of the radiator. Use a clean container that holds at least 10.5 quarts. You will certainly reusage the coolant later.

4 Rerelocate the panel on the lower left side of the steering column and disconnect the parking brake cable with a pair of pliers.

5 Unscrew the 10 bolts that affix the steering column cover liner to the instrument panel and remove the cover.

6 Turn the key to the LOCK position and turn the steering wheel to the LOCKED position.

7 Unhook the equipment shift cable and also rerelocate its mounting bracket.

8 Unscrew the 2 screws that connect the bezel to the instrument panel and also rerelocate the retaining clips. Remove the bezel.

9 Rerelocate the two screws that affix the steering column shroud to the column and also rerelocate the shroud.

10 Remove the coupler from the steering column and intermediate steering shaft.

11 Loosen the nuts that attach the reduced steering column mounting bracket, however execute not remove them. Completely remove the 2 nuts and washers from the top bracket.

12 Pull out the steering column.

13 Remove the interattach and bracket that connects the instrument panel to the chassis wiring.

14 Rerelocate the boot from the bottom of the steering shaft.

15 Use locking pliers to pinch off the heater hoses in the engine compartment. Rerelocate the plate covering the heater core (the hoses run via it) and disconnect the hoses.

16 Unclip the connectors that host in the heater core. Lift the accelerator pedal to enable you to slide the heater core out component means. Press the brake pedal to make room to totally rerelocate the heater core.

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17 Replace the heater core. Installation is the reverse of removal. The nuts on the steering column mounting bracket must be torqued to 105 ft. lbs. Torque the pinch bolt on the coupler to 21 ft. lbs.

It is available at and of course here not cheap :)