Can someone write-up graphical pictures and Step by Step overview for remove Dash and replacing the prior Heater main point in a 2006 dodge Caravan.

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Sorry no pictures :)instructions in ~

Replacing the prior Heater Core

1 rotate the steering wheel so the the wheels allude straight forward.

2 Disconnect the an adverse (black) battery cable.

3 drainpipe the coolant by twisting open the valve at the bottom that the radiator. Usage a clean container that holds at the very least 10.5 quarts. You will reuse the coolant later.

4 remove the panel on the reduced left side of the steering column and disconnect the parking brake cable with a pair that pliers.

5 Unscrew the 10 bolts that affix the steering pillar cover liner to the instrument panel and also remove the cover.

6 revolve the key to the LOCK position and turn the steering wheel come the LOCKED position.

7 Unhook the gear shift cable and remove the mounting bracket.

8 Unscrew the 2 screws that attach the bezel to the tool panel and remove the retaining clips. Remove the bezel.

9 eliminate the two screws that affix the steering obelisk shroud come the column and remove the shroud.

10 eliminate the coupler native the steering column and also intermediate steering shaft.

11 loosen the nuts that attach the lower steering column mounting bracket, yet do not eliminate them. Fully remove the two nuts and also washers native the upper bracket.

12 Pull the end the steering column.

13 remove the interconnect and also bracket that connects the instrument dashboard to the chassis wiring.

14 remove the boots from the bottom of the steering shaft.

15 use locking pliers to pinch turn off the heater hoses in the engine compartment. Remove the plate spanning the heater main point (the hoses run with it) and also disconnect the hoses.

16 Unclip the connectors that organize in the heater core. Background the accelerator pedal to enable you to on slide the heater core out part way. Push the brake pedal to make room to totally remove the heater core.

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17 replace the heater core. Installation is the reverse of removal. The nuts on the steering pillar mounting bracket should be torqued come 105 ft. Lbs. Talk the pinch bolt top top the coupler to 21 ft. Lbs.

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