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Anybody understand where the EGR is top top a 2003 3.3L engine in a GC? my Haynes repair manual shows pictures of 3.8L where it is mounted above alternator and also hose connects right into top entry manifold and says 3.3/3.8 EGR set-ups are the same. However, mine 3.3L is not like this. One of two people a mechanic has actually made significant changes come my motor or the is a various design. Have the right to anyone melted some irradiate on this for me? Thanks!

It will just be in that one spot, several of the engines did no come v EGR depending on the state castle were originally destined for delivery in. Why are you instead of it?
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It will only be in that one spot, few of the engines did no come with EGR relying on the state lock were initially destined for delivery in. Why are you replacing it?
Thank you for the response. I was no intending to change it. Ns was working in the engine bay analyzing my tensioner and I i found it there was not any EGR equipment on mine van as shown in the fix manual. That raised the question, was it gotten rid of at some allude or was it set up somewhere else? i didn"t realize the this emmission manage equipment was not conventional on every vehicle. To buy the car in Indiana.


There"s a cover plate in ~ the end of the cylinder head and also another on peak of the intake. That"s where the EGR valve and also tube go. Happy you, lucky me, we don"t have an EGR valve come dirty up our waiting intake.

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I think 2001 had an EGR valve climate it was gone for 2002 and 2003. Then it came back by 2005 and later
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I think 2001 had actually an EGR valve climate it was gone because that 2002 and 2003. Then it came earlier by 2005 and also later
It"s no year specific, it"s state (well technically delivery zone) particular as Andy said. My 03 does not have one, however I have a customer v an 03 and also they do.And Jeepman, I"m with you. :beerchug:
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