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You are watching: 2002 chevy trailblazer fuel door replacement mine 02 TB fuel door is hanging by one side it seems. So i am asuming it has actually rusted apart. I have ordered a new one yet am wonder what is involved in acquisition it off and if it is something someone v fairly good mechanical an abilities can execute by themselves.
You should be able to see the bolts holding the hinge to the body, remove those and take the whole thing off. Ns think there are probably two bolts holding the on. I"m not certain if the door and hinge come personal or if they"re one unit though and I"m at work and also my van is at house or I"d run down and also look for you, however it need to be straightforward enough.I changed mine with a locking unit on my critical TB, it to be easy.--minuo
Cool...thanks. So that is those 2 screws you check out on the lip to the left that the opened I to be guessing? Thanks...the pisser is ns ordered an OEM one and I have to get it painted. Dubbed the wreckers and it isn"t a component they take off the vehicles. For this reason at least if I have the right to save on labour ( think they charge either 1/2 come an hour labour) the won"t be too bad.Thanks.

wondering what is affiliated in acquisition it off and also if the is miscellaneous someone through fairly great mechanical skills can carry out by themselves.

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Believe me ns was tempted. The cursed thing broke of course when it was putting rain and I was filling up v gas. Wish they sold ones favor the Jeeps have actually that is one solid item of plastic and also is choose an insert.

:iagree: any of them appears to be a great choice.....not much difference in price either........:tiphat
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