A bad knock sensor can cause some significant engine damage. Prior to that happens, examine out this handy guide on replacing knock sensors in your Silverado.

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This article uses to the Chevrolet Silverado GMT800 (1999-2006).

Knock sensors play vital as well together essential duty in your Silverado"s engine functionality, detecting any kind of engine noises caused by at an early stage detonation and adjusting the ignition-timing accordingly. When a knock sensor fails, detonation is not appropriately regulated and serious engine damages can occur, bring about some an extremely costly repairs. Symptoms of a negative knock sensor include a check engine light, according to thumping noises coming from the engine, or shaking, vibrating, and misfires top top a cold start. Keep analysis as this write-up will present you just how to replace a faulty knock sensor in her Silverado before costly damages occur.


Materials Needed1/4" and also 3/8" drive ratchets22mm deep fine socketTorque wrenchFuel heat removal toolReplacement hit sensors (2)Knock sensor sub-harnessIntake manifold gaskets (optional)Shop rags or small containerRTV sealant
Pro Tip

In addition to replacing the knock sensor, preventative maintain can additional reduce detonation.

Lower the compression ratioUse greater octane fuelAdd injector cleaner right into the fuel tankRetard the ignition timing

Step 1 – access the input manifold

Always disconnect the an unfavorable battery terminal (black cover) once working under the hood.Remove the intake hose by loosening the hose clamp on each end: one through the MAF and the various other by the accelerator body.Then, remove the accelerator cable and cruise control cable from the throttle body. If you have a 2003 and also up Silverado, you also need come unplug the drive-by-wire harness.Remove the throttle cable bracket indigenous the intake manifold, and push the bracket together with the cables turn off to the side.Unbolt the key engine harness bracket on the driver"s next of the input manifold.Unplug the EVAP solenoid, MAP sensor, and also knock sensor sub-harness.Remove the throttle body and collection it aside.Remove the vent hoses from each valve cover.Relieve fuel press through the Schrader valve on the fuel rail crossover, and use a rag or little container to catch any gas run off.
Figure 1. Push the center pin that the Schrader valve to relax pressure.

Step 2 – remove the fuel lines

Use a fuel heat removal device to disconnect the fuel lines indigenous the fuel rails. The fuel rails are located at the rear, driver"s next of the input manifold. Use a rag or little container to catch any loose gas.1999 to 2003 Silverados have a supply and return line, if 2004 and up Silverados perform not have actually a return line.Use the fuel line removal device to eliminate the EVAP line located in between the engine and also the firewall.
Figure 2. Eliminate the fuel lines indigenous the fuel rails.

Step 3 – remove the injectors and also engine wire harness

Unplug and remove all eight fuel injectors and also connectors.Disconnect the vacuum line from the brake booster.Pull the engine harness to the side, and unplug the alternator connector.Unplug the idle air manage valve.Unplug the throttle place sensor on the throttle body.
Figure 3. Unplug the fuel injector connectors.

Step 4 – replace the punch sensors

Remove all of the entry manifold bolts in the reverse order to your bolted down sequence (10 come 1). Refer to number 4 below.Pull the manifold off. The knock sensors are located underneath the black color plugs connected to a cable harness.Pull the plugs out and also unbolt both punch sensors making use of a 22mm deep well socket.Install the brand-new sensors and torque them to specifically 15 ft-lbs.Apply some RTV come the rubber plugs to stop water native entering.
Figure 4. Diagram with intake manifold bolt sequence.
Figure 5. Unplug the cable harness, eliminate the punch sensors, and apply RTV sealant.
Figure 6. Installed knock sensors v RTV sealant.

Step 5 – Re-install the gotten rid of components

Clip the new intake manifold gaskets come the intake manifold. Make sure every one of the surfaces are clean.Set the manifold earlier onto the engine, and also torque the bolts in their correct stimulate (1 to 10). Express to number 7. Very first torque every bolt to 44 in-lbs, and also then to 89 in-lbs.Put the throttle body back in place, and torque it come 106 in-lbs.Connect the punch sensor plugs from the cable harness.Plug in all the continuing to be sensors.Reconnect the fuel lines, EVAP line, brackets, and intake hose.Reconnect the negative battery terminal (black), and also start the truck to for sure the engine knock has actually disappeared.

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Figure 7. Input manifold bolt sequence v torque specs.

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