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Guys im having a problem with my 02 deville. About a month earlier i pulled my car out of storage it had been sit for about 6 months. Well because i take it it the end its been giving me problems. The inspect engine light transforms on and around a week later on it will certainly turn back off. I an alert it has actually a mis fire now and the examine engine irradiate turned back on. I changed gas the oil filled it v coolant every the minor shit. And also its still acting up. The problem codes i obtained out of it to be p171 and also p174. Maf sensor or engine mis fire is what the password were informing me. Has any type of one had this problem. Please Help!!!!

P0171 - Fuel Trim system Lean financial institution 1P0174 - Fuel Trim mechanism Lean bank 2 You most likely have a ripped plenum leading to a vacuum leak. Rather common on the 2000+ Northstars. The plenum is the rubber coupler in between the TB and the manifold. Perform a search for plenum. It"s been discussed countless times. There are also a few threads v pictures.

It may, or at least feel prefer one. Spray part Brakleen under the plenum, that"s where the rip will be and see if the RPM"s rise.
Is this a component i can gain at the neighborhood auto parts. Or is that a dealership part. Or if worse pertains to worse junk yard.

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