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Could who please assist me. I require to uncover where the PCV valve is on a 2001 Toyota Corolla. Ns took the engine sheathe off yet still don"t watch it. If anybody has a picture i would certainly really evaluate it. I bought the component in autozone and also feel dumb now reason i can"t discover where that goes!Thanks!

I think this has actually been asked before, execute a search of the Corolla forum, if I"m no mistaken they didn"t have actually a PCV valve.
I think this has actually been inquiry before, do a search of the Corolla forum, if I"m no mistaken lock didn"t have actually a PCV valve.
You space mistaken. Take off the plastic VVT-I shroud. Top top the passenger next is a dark environment-friendly valve screwed right into the head through a water tap clamped to it. This is PCV valve.

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Thanks because that the clarification, i remember who posting prior to that there to be no PCV valve, perhaps it was a different year.
I actually discovered it last night. It"s ~ above the ideal side on optimal of the engine through a water tap going come it... However it certainly was not green, it was yellowish metal piece. Took 5 minutes to change with a new one native autozone :thumbup:

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