My car starting over heater so I confirm under the hood and an alert I had actually lost antifreeze from the rise tank. I added much more antifreeze, started the engine and noticed the cooling fans were no running. Do they revolve on only when needed or is there a problem with a fuse or relay? many thanks for the help!

They rotate on at a predetermined temperature. Execute they revolve on if you permit the temp to begin going beyond normal?This guide will aid us resolve it run down this guide and also report back.

hi my aleros cooling fans will certainly not come on the car overheats at idle but is fine on the highway I confirm all relays and fuses jumper wired fans and also both operated when wired straight to battery any kind of ideas around whats going on likewise I wondered can the truth that the ac is not functioning have any thing to do with it could it be possible that the pcm reads no pressure and does not rotate on compressor fan since fan have to come on as soon as ac button is top top right?

Engine Cooling difficulty 6 cyl former Wheel journey Automatic 105000 miles cooling fans wont absent in. Tested fans and also they occupational fine. Put brand-new coolant temp sensor in, and no change. Fuses and relays inspect out fine. Where carry out I walk next? any type of suggestions? her thoughts and ideas will be substantially appreciated. Cooling fans don't come on with AC, and also now realize AC clutch doesn't communicate when press the AC buttonThanks for any type of possibilities.

Hello, it sounds favor the system has actually lost strength so ns would begin by seeing if the fuses have power top top both sides and also then i would inspect the air conditioner relays. Right here are some guides and air conditioner wiring diagrams to assist you execute some testing and also get the trouble fixed. Https:// operation some tests and get ago to united state so us can proceed helping you.Cheers, Ken
The electrical fan not coming on to cool engine and car is acquiring hot. Can it it is in the relay switch? If so, where do I discover the relay switch. Or, possibly it is a fuse? How can I uncover out what that is without spending money I execute not have?
inspect fuses and also relays under hood first. Then check to check out if pan are obtaining power, tat least one need to go on once a/c is turned on.
Hello and thanks because that donatingcould it is in faulty fuse, cooling pan relay(s) or bad engine coolant temp. Sensor. Need to test/check these components first.
together the temp walk up, the fans should start and cool the rad, yet not starting. I adjusted the relays around to view if this to be it. I likewise checked the fuses, no it. Ns was told that it may be a thermostat sensor however do not understand where that is located.
The coolant temp sensor is screwed right into right whereby the upper hose goes onto the engine. Perform you have a multimeter to do some testing?So the temp gauge goes approximately where the fan typically comes on and also the pan isn"t coming on?Do any type of of the fans come on when the a/c is on in ~ anytime?
I think you"re expecting them come come on as well soon. Lock aren"t programmed to which until around 225 or higher. That is intentional.
The temp gauge is virtually to the H, and also even once the airconditiner is on, lock don"t work. I have a multimeter to check this sensor, but I did"nt understand where it was situated till now. Thanks.
The cooling fans on my Alero do not it seems ~ to be working. The temp gauge has actually been climb lately and also I do not listen the fans walk on in ~ all. In addition, my A/C has not been working. I have tried charging the system with refridgerant yet it does not operate. Space the 2 equipment linked? What ca be resulting in the fans no to operate as soon as the engine temp is clearly high sufficient for castle to go on. I have actually not yet changed the relays.
I have the same problem. I have readjusted the relay and also the collant cap and it still gets hot. I was told the the cars computer is not informing the fans to come or stay on. Friend may have to take it and have a computer system test done on it to find out where the problem is coming from.
The best means to solve this mystery is to gain a infared temp total that steps surface temps they are pretty cheap and also can be provided for a lot of different things. Use it to measure temp where the top hose walk on the engine and also see what temp its acquiring up too and also when the reaches the exactly temp about 225-226 you deserve to see if the fan comes on if that doesnt then you can see if you have power and ground to your radiator pan motor and go indigenous there.
just replace entry manifold gaskets upper & lower. No leaks engine operation fine. Pan comeon v A/C, & deserve to turn them on v my scanner 2 speeds low & high. With auto idling without A/C on. Fan don"t come on. Might the engine computer system be the problem?
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