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Hello,I had my talon clutch stop working critical week when driving home, I have actually it in ~ a shop currently being confirm out. They space telling me it demands a new Clutch which ns fine with.However, I have actually not owned a DSM in quite a few years and also never had actually to deal with a clutch replacement.My question is, how much round park run of the mill, go it cost to have a new clutch placed in at a joe schmo shop?I simply want to it is in informed before I make any decisions to have actually work done.Thanks

Well, i just got off the phone through the shop.. Only a mere 1025 dollars to change the clutch. They stated it would certainly be 10 hours of labor, being its AWD and TURBO and also more complicated to replace then the NT FWD models. *Shrug*Being I already spent 75 bucks level bedding it down there, ns really dont want to pay to relocate it elsewhere to be looked at. Yet I require it driving soon, so gave them the go ahead. Guess: v a short interest credit transaction card will gain the project done because that now, suck buying a car and also 2 main later having actually the Clutch die.

I agree, discover a various place or carry out it yourself if at all possible. All the sources you will require you can find through this forum..
Bought my ACT 2600 with street disk provided w/ less than 5k on it for $175 shipped. Good condition still. Still have actually to gain the TOB, but I additionally picked increase a used yet with new friction pad Fidanza flywheel for $70. Ns planning on placing it in myself.
I called 2 various other shops in the local area that execute clutch work, they room too quoting ballpark the 10 hrs labor + parts..So ns don"t have actually the ability to execute it myself, and I need the car earlier in running activity soon. So, ill invest the money and also have a shop"s backing incase something walk wrong through it.
I would certainly personally order a clutch offline together Im certain they space charging friend the exact same amount because that an OEM clutch together you would certainly pay because that an act or equivilent. And also then have actually them put it in. You will certainly regret putting in a stock clutch if you ever before decide to start making any kind of real power.And another option is uncover someone neighborhood who will execute it the end of their garage for cheaper. There are options, but they just may no be as convenient.
You might too just take your cash, litter it in the toilet and flush it since that"s pretty lot what your doing.
EDIT native RED: over there you go Rippin, fixed it because that you!
What part of NY room you located in? my buddy and also I did mine clutch in an hour and also fifteen minute on my lift.

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Buschur 3” turbo back,Solid motor mounts,Buschur O2 housing, 1000cc injectors,Walbro 255,SBR 50 trim,SBR cast manifold,Turbonetics 38mm wastegate,Act XACT flywheel,SBR 3500 clutch,DSMLINK,Buschur fmic,Aeromotive fpr,3” gm maf,FP2 cams,ARP head studs......10"s?
I am i m really sorry if i am can not to simply spend a weekend installation a clutch, with way to carry out so.Two shops room quoting the very same Labor and also parts, What more should I perform considering I require my everyday driver back?I only purchased the vehicle for a winter beater, no a project, not a gyeongju car, a basic AWD automobile to gain me through the winter.If safety 1G it s okay this vehicle through the winter, and also to spring as soon as I arrangement on reselling it, if I loosened that 1g its excellent its project in giving me a winter car.Thanks for the input thus far, Unfortunately, I should do what I have to do to obtain my car back on the road.Unless of course, someone wants a 1990 eagle talon Tsi Awd through 9k on the rebuilt engine in need of just a clutch to roll for 2900 bucks? =) in the Hudson valley area
A shop will tell you desire they want to tell, the slow they carry out it the an ext money you need to pay out, obtain to recognize you DSM with somebody experienced and also you will save alot that money! friend will require a few tools and also accessories buts its worth it, that real straightforward and they will certainly make it as complex as possible,if they tell girlfriend ten go earlier in three and you might record them steering your car lol
That shop quote sound a tiny high ns remember critical time ns was screwing about on mitchell the was like 7.5. Who knows with mark ups though, if only I hadn"t invested all mine money top top Christmas presents (for myself of course).
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