The fuel pump is submerged in the fuel tank, giving the engine with the gasoline it requirements to run. The pump is powered by power from the battery. A mix of fuses, relays, and also wiring are offered to manage the fuel pump"s procedure for multiple functions on her Jeep.

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By Weston Chadwick - October 13, 2015Contributors: ol"blue, Sam David, RHStorm11, Solderjunkie, SeriousOffroad

This article applies to the Jeep cool Cherokee ZJ/WJ (1993-2004).

When the ignition is switched to the "on" position, the fuel pump creates pressure throughout the fuel system. This outcomes in a atomized spray that fuel right into the engine native the fuel injectors. The fuel pump receives battery power from the fuel pump relay. As soon as the relay is energized, voltage is sent to the fuel pumps electrical motor, which turns the pump. The pumps fast rotation is frequently heard as a buzzing sound coming from the fuel tank. Fuel pump instead of is not easy on the Jeep cool Cherokee, make a critical diagnostic process very helpful when offered beforehand.


Materials NeededMultimeterFlashlightJumper wiresZip tiesDiagonal cuttersElectrical fill (5 amp) for testingElectrical connector/terminal cleaner

Start your diagnosis by checking because that OBD problem codes.

Step 1 – perform a preliminary inspection

When you rotate the vital to the "on" position, the fuel pump should prime the fuel system for number of seconds. You have the right to hear the buzzing sound the fuel pump makes by removing the gas cap and listening v the opening. No sound suggests the fuel pump is no be powered on. If the pump is powering, you might want to try adding a new tank the gas. Look under the car for liquid landing ~ above the ground. This might be fuel leaking from her tank, feed, or return line depending on the leaks location.

If her problem likewise includes a irradiate that displays a circle with a crucial inside, friend may have SKIS (security system) malfunction. This device will shut under the ignition and fuel device until the correct article is obtained from the vehicle key. Inside the vital is a chip the communicates a code v the transponder. You may also notice that no one or several of the gauges in the instrument cluster carry out not work.

Move come the strength distribution center in the engine bay. This is where the relays and also fuses and stored that use to fuel pump operation. Examine fuses f6, f2, f15, and also f3. Friend will see a diagram of the fuse places on the inner side of the P.D.C cover. Use a flashlight come look inside the fuse. Girlfriend will view a metal strip. If the strip appears dark or broken, replace it. A continuity test have the right to be done through a multimeter, as well. Place one command on each end of the fuse with the multimeter in the continually position.

Locate the C1 connector in ~ the engine computer. You will find this connector top top the side listed below the white sticker. This connector has been recognized to come to be loose, causing intermittent beginning and no starts. Tie a zip tie tightly approximately this connector to save it pressed firmly versus the computer.

On the underside that the vehicle, in former of the gas tank, is the 4 wire fuel pump assembly connector. Watch for any type of damage to the wiring roughly the connectors. Separate the connector by pushing on the red locking tab and also squeezing the functional tab if pulling the connectors apart. Look for corrosion inside and clean the connectors with terminal cleaner. Firmly press them earlier together until a click is heard.

Figure 1. The strength distribution facility located close to the battery.Figure 2. The engine computer system connectors have actually been zip tied.Figure 3. The fuel pump assembly connector.

If the pump is no powering on, continue with this step.

Step 2 – test relays in between battery and also fuel pump

Find the fuel pump relay in the power circulation center. Girlfriend will watch a diagram on height of the relay. Eliminate the relay by pulling it upward. Use a little piece of cable with connections on the finish that fit within of the P.D.C. These have the right to be terminal clips or relationships designed for probing. Attach one finish of the wire to terminal 87 and also the various other to terminal 30. This offers battery voltage to the fuel pump. If the pump now runs, the fuel pump relay will should be replaced.

Another relay that powers the fuel pump is the A.S.D. (auto shut-down). This relay cut power come the fuel and ignition mechanism in the occasion of a security mechanism malfunction. You have the right to test this relay by removing that (refer come the bottom side of the P.D.C. Cover because that its location) and also attaching each end of the relay coil to the battery"s positive too as an unfavorable terminals. You should hear the relay click. Now, test because that continuity between the relay move terminals. If the relay does no click or continuous is not current at the switch, change the relay.

Figure 4. This relay"s switch move to terminal 87 when the coil i do not care energized.Figure 5. Jumping two relay terminals through a jumper wire.

Step 3 – check fuel pump assembly

Using an extra battery (similar to an automotive battery) or the battery set up on her jeep, course two wires come the disconnected fuel pump assembly connector. Attach one cable to every battery terminal. Affix the other end of the optimistic wire come the green/black wire. You can use a small probe come reach right into the connector for electric contact, or strip few of the wiring insulation back. Affix the ground wire to the black wire and also listen for your pump come run. If no sound is heard, the pump is most likely in require of replacement. There is a little possibility the wiring native the connector to the fuel pump is damaged or the connector in ~ the tank is not making appropriate contact. Inspect for continuity in between both wires from the tank approximately the connector in former of the tank. Girlfriend will need to lower the tank to with the wiring as much as the fuel pump.

The continuity inspect is a great test, however not totally decisive. You will need to use a load onto the circuit comparable to the fuel pumps (about 5 amps) to dominion out the opportunity of a damaged/corroded ar of wiring gift present. A effectively sized light bulb the draws five amps or an electrical motor make for a helpful diagnostic tool. Attach one end of the fuel pump circuits wiring to the load and the various other to the battery. If the fill operates together designed, you can be much an ext certain the wiring is not your problem.

Continue with action 4 if the pump will run through battery power supplied.

Step 4 – check ground wire

The ground wire for the fuel pump is located behind the driver"s side trim panel. That is soil number G302 on many wiring diagrams. As soon as the trim panels room removed, inspect the ground for a clean, secure connection to the body. You have the right to load test the ground utilizing the test described in action 3 come verify if it"s qualified of flow current. Use power from the car battery to the floor wire and measure the voltage after ~ the electric load top top the soil side. The ground side of the circuit should have actually less than 100 milli-volts come qualify together a good ground.

Figure 6. The fuel pump"s ground wire location.

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Step 5 – find the wiring problem

If you"ve uncovered your fuel pump, fuses, relays, and also ground and also not the problem, you have actually a wiring problem somewhere in the circuit. This might be an intermittent quick to ground for example; although, these room usually attach by swollen fuses. You will have to pick basic to access central spot in the circuit, climate probe the power, and/or ground wire(s) utilizing the load trial and error method. Continue applying power and ground on hopeful and an unfavorable sides of the circuit independently until the affected area of the circuit is located. A properly operating circuit should display 12 volts as much as the load and also less than 100 mill-volts after the load.