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As the topic says, once I begin my car, the Maint Req"d light flashes 10 times & climate goes out.I searched a couple of time & the only other threads I could find claimed their light came on & stayed on.Is this simply an you are fool light informing me to readjust my oil?
maintenance required light
Hi Bjaardker,the light is flashing to tell girlfriend it"s time for every little thing required maintenance. If friend don"t resolve it, the light will come on and also stay on.Do you have an owner"s manual? If so, ns urge you to review it. The manual defines the duty of the light, and how to clear the light.
Do you have an owner"s manual? If so, i urge girlfriend to check out it. The manual defines the function of the light, and how to clear the light.
any suggestions where i can acquire one? i have gotton a organization manual, yet the used auto didn"t come v an owner"s hand-operated either. Thanks
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You don"t necessarily require a hands-on to number out exactly how to reset the "Maint Req"d" light. There"s a summary of exactly how to execute it top top this website. Here"s the link: ... MaintLightWhen I had actually my Insight, I retained a printout of the accuse in the pocket behind the passenger seat so I could get to it conveniently when the time came. I"ve uncovered that about half the time the Honda dealerships forget come reset the light, even after performing the service. Oh well, at the very least there"s a way to reset the ourselves!
owner"s manual
Hi twonicaguy,well, you could start here: ... Ename=WD1VI realize you have actually an 01, and also this hands-on is for an 04, however I think the only changes they"ve made room maybe color selections (inside and out), and also some upgrades come the electric system and also computers - nothing you"d notice by analysis the manual. No a totality lot has changed on these cars due to the fact that 99. I"m sure you might order a manual from the dealer, also - however I gambling the one on ebay is cheaper.

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resetting the maint req"d light
This is basic one to fix.Just rotate the vital to the top top position, not the begin position, if holding the pilgrimage odometer push pin in till the maint req"d light goes off. Make certain that you have indeed readjusted your oil. This light is collection to walk off after a certain variety of miles, and also starts simply coming on because that 10 blinks. It climate progresses to being on every the time, as miles room added. Its just a "friendly" reminder.Hope the helps.mark01 5speed, 66.5LMPG

The maintenance light will start blinking once you begin the engine app. 500 miles prior to it will continue to be lighted steadly. When it remains lighted, it way you have gone beyond the 7,500 miles limit.I change oil and also filter "every 7,500 miles" and also have found that the irradiate is off on the mileage. (Not in 7,500 mile incriments)EXAMPLE:Changed oil and also filter in ~ 142,500 miles. Light started blinking at 143,175 miles climate light remained on at 143,680 miles.CORRECTION:Push the trip button A/B "before" you rotate the vital to the 2nd position or all you will perform is reset the mpg for that pilgrimage A/B. Organize the button for around 10 seconds and the light will certainly extinguish itself.
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