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Nothing happens when I hit the switch, just a single click. I have actually a Chilton manual and also it stated it"s a fuse/circuit breaker top top the junction crate under the dash top top the left side of the steering column, and also I took the external panel off simply under the steering wheel yet still didn"t see what it confirmed in the manual.Anyone by chance have actually a photo of what i"m talking about or have had actually this problem and also have any advice? ns drive the the home windows down a lot of in city so i"d really prefer to fix it asap before it it s okay too warm to drive with them down, to add i"ll look prefer an idiot if I desire to go through a drive thru.
02 city & Country restricted FWD(Wife"s)
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if the 3.8s are favor the 3.3s fuse box is next to the battery under the hood through a diagram under the lid you take it off telling you what fuses are what
The regulator is recognized to fail. If i were you, I"d have actually the entire assembly; cheap at Amazon.

A single fuse and PTC powers every the windows. Look towards the regulator together stated. Around $60 bucks in ~ amazon. In the median time, hold the move down and also slam the door in ~ the exact same time. It might come alive at least temporarily.
Yup, changed my drivers" side regulator about a year ago. With labour and parts, it to be under $100.00 if ns recall correctly.

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A vault owner broke the DS strength window. The first thing ns noticed was the the left track wasn"t bolted in. That gained the window moving, but really straining top top the method up. Then I witnessed that among the clips the holds the window to the regulator was broken. If I push the home window into the clip, the window works practically as well as PS. But after one or 2 trips up and down, it pops the end again.I searched every over, and also couldn"t discover a instead of clip, however I found a regulator ~ above ebay because that $40 bucks. As shortly as i ordered that, I uncovered the clips for $18 bucks. I"d give you the old (repaired) one for the cost of the clips, but it won"t job-related for yours. Sorry.I"ll get the clips first, for this reason I"ll watch if they resolve the problems and maybe return the brand-new regulator. In any kind of case, I"ll write-up my results in the "what walk you do to your" thread.