Engine performance problem2001 Chevy Silverado V8 2 Wheel drive Automatic 100K milesMy 2001 Silverado stalled, restarted, then fast completely, luckily as I pulled into the parking lot. Ns read at an early stage posts and also this is what i know: over there is no fuel in ~ the vacuum line to the Fuel pressure regulator, no fuel push at the test port on the fuel rail through the switch in run or start, and I carry out feel a click in ~ the fuel pump relay through switch in start. I carry out not hear the fuel pump absent in as soon as the move is turned to run. Ns did manage to traction the two electric connectors turn off the fuel pump without dropping the tank and one socket on each connector reads around 5 Volts. I suspect this way my fuel pump is shot. Before I autumn the tank and $250, is there anything else I need to check?

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As far as the pump motor, the gray cable is voltage, black is ground. The various other wires must be for the gage sender unit.If you have 5 volts on the gray with the engine cranking, the is also low. Battery has a full charge, the cables/wires every clean and tight top top both ends?Can you examine the actual voltage at the fuel pump relay, 30 terminal, hot all the time.You might run the pump without making use of the key, but, without proper voltage it won"t matter.

The 5 volts was v the key in the operation position, not cranking. The Battery reads just under 12 volts yet stilll cranks fine. I will check both at the relay and while cranking ang post earlier later tonight.


I believe the wiring harness for the fuel pump is a 4 wire connector.There might be likewise a three wire connector for the fuel tank push sensor. The sensor offers a 5 volt reference. Ns can"t call what connector you were testing?I won"t be earlier till tomorrow. Goodluck

The connector I checked was the one with three contacts in line. Ns think the wires top top the ends were black and gray and the gray one had actually 5 volts which enhanced to around 5.2 volts as soon as I cranked the engine. Battery voltage is 12.2 v and that is what I gain when I check the 30 link to the fuel pump relay. So, i am guessing that i should obtain close to battery voltage ~ above the connector that drives the fuel pump right? I will certainly go ago today and check the other connector i m sorry is square and has 4 contacts. Additionally the picture isn"t actual clear, the one would seem to be the one you sent out the snapshot of. I have additionally read the there is a connector in between the cab and bed. Ns will inspect that out for corrosion.

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The gray wire at the pump connector, at vital on, will only have voltage for a pair of seconds, then the circuit go dead without an rpm signal. With engine cranking, the easily accessible voltage in ~ the pump will certainly drop a pair of volts because of the starter.You can run voltage come the pump without making use of the key, by making use of a jumper on the proper terminals at the relay, terminal 30 and also 87, dual check this, the relay may have actually a diagram on it, the symbol for the load side of relay usually looks prefer an open switch. The reading at the pump connector should be nearby to your 12.2. If you take it a analysis with the engine cranking, take it the battery analysis first, engine cranking. Ns think you"ll find the analysis dropped a pair volts, suppose to uncover close to the same reading at the pump connector, engine cranking.