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hi i working on a friends vehicle he has actually a 01 3.8 impalai offered my air gun to acquire the main bolt off but i dont recognize the 3 bolts i have to use v my pulleri have the powerbuilt puller and the bolts are too big for this impaladoes anyone know the bolts i need? ns guess friend cant obtain them from residence depot or canadian tire? probably have to hit Brafasco
hi i functioning on a friends car he has a 01 3.8 impalai supplied my air gun to acquire the main bolt off however i dont understand the 3 bolts i should use v my pulleri have the powerbuilt puller and the bolts space too large for this impaladoes anyone know the bolts i need? i guess friend cant get them from house depot or canadian tire? probably need to hit BrafascoNor sure, but I think the bolt you desire is 3/8 x 16.
i just checked the kit it currently has 3/8 and also 5/16 and they too big also has actually M8 and thats too large too
ok i have a huge problemfirst i found the ideal bolts to usage the 1/4 -28 x 3" nfi put the suggest attachment on the end of the center and also bolted the 3 oni tighten them on a bunch and also then i use the facility pointthen i tighen v the air gun yet it wont pop off so then i reversed it i didnt wanna break the bolts and also it left the facility attachement in the harmonic balancer and i cant obtain it out or the balancer whats holding it on? what carry out i need to do?
Ruh-Roh! once I connect my puller, ns install a lengthy socket where the bolt goes(pick a socket that will certainly be loose in there..... Now when you screw in the puller, the nose of the rides on the socket, and also doesn"t obtain wedged.......Obviouisly you provided too big an adapter.....did you drive the nose into the balancer or the crank? either case, not going to be basic to remove.....
hi ya the adapter is jammed in the balancerthe Power developed kit for harmonic balancer is just one sizeso when i gain it turn off id usage a deep socket? and also the screws the 3 space they struck to the harmonic balcner? so that all come out? or is it an alleged to wedget in some? as i probably have the right to use a what 9/16 deep socket with any type of extension and then placed puller on?
ok i perplexed again as my mother went come canadian tires to ask together i grounding at home, and also they warned she dont take it the bolt the end of the harmonic balancer you simply unloosen the a bit and also and not completely or you ruin the engine? is this true? and also if so then exactly how the hell do i readjust the cracked sensor?
hi for this reason i acquired the adapter the end cuz the tappered coned and also it only in the balancer so whats this mechanic talking around then if ns take the bolt the end then the engine wont operation again?

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so i gained it off as well a couple times to expand it to pop it turn off this mechanic indigenous ctire knows nothing dunno what he smoking cigarettes nothing wrecked engine and he doesnt use a harmonic puller however says he provides a 3 nippers puller part young mechanic together there is no method u can get a 3 claw even in there