Is your transmission providing you fits? This article will go you v the most typical issues A6 owners face with their gearboxes and help you figure out the source of your problem.

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This article uses to the Audi A6 C6 (2004-2010).

Transmissions, a once fairly simple ingredient of the automobile, have come to be highly advanced pieces of modern technology in current years. Together automakers add gears and technology to automatic boxes, the variety of and types of troubles have evolved as well. While most transmissions will certainly last a long time under reasonable use and also with suitable maintenance, this isn"t constantly the instance with part cars. Among which is the Audi A6 C6, a vehicle that is so infamous for CVT transmission problems that it worked out a sue with about 64,000 folks. If friend are among the ominous masses encountering transmission issues with her A6, keep reading and we"ll to walk you through the diagnostic process.


Materials NeededJack and jack standsTransmission fluidTransmission filterVCDS software and also VAG-COM cable

Step 1 – change your infection fluid and also filter

Sometimes a an easy service will correct the issue.

Many transmission worries can be repair by simply an altering out the transmission fluid and filter. When manufacturer referrals for this service selection from 50,000 to 100,000 miles, it"s regularly the cheapest (at least by Audi standards) and easiest route. Surprisingly to many, lagging and noisy shifts between gears often tend to go away when this service is completed. Plus, it gives you the chance to inspect the fluid and your trans case for metal shavings, which could indicate a lot bigger problem. It is in sure and clean your pan thoroughly as soon as performing this job.

Figure 1. A basic transmission fluid and also filter change can frequently solve erratic problems with the gearbox.

If transforming your fluid and also filter doesn"t deal with the problem, relocate on to step 2.

Step 2 – examine for codes and software updates

Sometimes the problem can be identified using VAG-COM.

If girlfriend have accessibility to a VAG-COM cable or deserve to borrow (or rental one), girlfriend can examine the device for faults. Standing for "Volkswagen Auto team Computer," VAG-COM is pretty lot a prerequisite to owning a contemporary VW or Audi product, as it will enable you to go inside the brain of the car. Among the most common faults the can cause a password is the speak converter, i m sorry can cause hesitations or slipping in between gears while speeding up (a common issue through these cars).

There is likewise a TSB for automatic equipped Quattro cars relating come the chirping, hooting, and squeaking noises experienced as soon as shifting between third and fourth gears. This difficulty can be fixed with a straightforward software update that have the right to be performed at the dealership, in addition to a fluid flush.

In part cases, difficulties with slipping under acceleration have been fixed with an adaptive transmission finding out reset, which wipes the memory and resets it to manufacturing facility specs. This have the right to be completed at the dealership or through a VAG-COM cable.

Figure 2. VAG-COM deserve to sometimes reveal precisely what the problem is through your transmission.

If you don"t have any kind of codes or a software application issue, relocate on to step 3.

Step 3 – vehicle is grounding in park or 4th gear

Your automobile might be in "limp" mode or the brake light switch might be faulty.

If your vehicle is grounding in fourth gear, it way you room in limp mode. If every the segment of your transmission range indicator in the instrument cluster are lit up, a critical failure has occurred. The vehicle will journey forward in fourth gear only, and also reverse will certainly work. If the TR indicator doesn"t light up at all, over there is an worry with the TCM. If none of the front gears work but reverse does, you have a severe transmission trouble that will more than likely require a rebuild (if you"re lucky) or replacement.

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If your auto is stuck in park and also won"t transition out, check your brake irradiate switch. Watch under the ashtray and you"ll view a hole, into which you have the right to stick something to disengage the lock (white button) that prevents the car from going into drive once it"s in park. Girlfriend can likewise turn the ignition on and also hold the shifter in between drive and also neutral, then shot to start the car.