Checking the strength steering fluid on a 1998 – 2005 VW Passat is not challenging and drops in the do-it-yourself category.

A special kind of steering fluid is needed so be certain not to use any other fluid type.

After reading online and asking roughly I discovered the kind used is dubbed Pentosin strength Steering liquid 140516.

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Be certain to inspect your auto manual but this is common for many Volkswagen’s.

Here is the strength Steering liquid on Amazon Pentosin 1405116 CHF 11S fabricated Hydraulic liquid – 1 Liter


Below is exactly how I check and fill the power steering fluid on a 1998 – 2005 VW Passat.

Be certain to monitor your automobile manual or if in doubt take it to a professional.

How To examine the strength Steering fluid Passat (1998 – 2005)

open the hood and locate the strength Steering reservoir top top the driver side.


It has a eco-friendly cap.


Unscrew the lid by turning it respond to clockwise.


Wipe the dip pole insert it right into the reservoir and also check the level.

It will have Max and also Min through the fluid needing to it is in in-between the lines.How To add the power Steering fluid Passat (1998 – 2005)

Be sure to have actually the correct strength steering fluid.

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pour the liquid slowly right into the reservoir. Pour in small amounts and also check the dip stick as to not overfill it.

Once the liquid level is in with-in the Max and Min lines nearby the cap.SummaryThe above is the measures to inspect the power steering fluid on a VW 1998 – 2005 Passat.

Be sure to follow your car manual or if in doubt take it to a professional.

Checking and filling a Passat fluids is no too complicated and falls in the DIY category.