Volvo SRS Airbag service urgent comes on when the Supplemental Restraint system (SRS) detects a difficulty such as low battery voltage or a defective passenger occupancy sensor. 

In this article, you will become familiar with typical problems that cause Volvo SRS Airbag warning messages and how to reset Volvo SRS Airbag warning irradiate yourself utilizing a Volvo airbag scanner. 

What does Volvo Airbag Light and also SRS service Urgent Mean?

If you view SRS airbag company urgent ~ above the dashboard, there is a difficulty with the airbag system.

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The airbags of your Volvo may no deploy if you gain in one accident.

Even though Volvos are few of the safest dare on the road, with an SRS airbag warning blog post on the dashboard, the vehicle is no going to it is in safe.

How to Reset / Diagnose Volvo Airbag Light

To find out why her Volvo airbag light is staying on, use a Volvo Airbag Scanner to review the SRS module"s fault codes. Do not use a generic scanner. Share OBD-II scanners are no able to retrieve airbag codes. 

Locate the OBD-II port under the dashboard. Connect your Volvo scanner.
Select Volvo and the correct version from the menu.Select control Units, climate scroll to SRS control Unit. 
Next select Read Codes. Create down all the codes.

These steps will assist you diagnose and also reset Volvo SRS airbag company urgent message. The airbag light have the right to be reset if there room no current worries with the SRS system. For example, the light to be triggered due to the fact that you disconnected an airbag wire, changed the radio, or had actually a dead battery. Together fault codes space in stored status and can it is in cleared.

If there is one airbag problem that is PRESENT, girlfriend can"t reset it. Also if you try the SRS airbag, an urgent warning will come back immediately after ~ restarting the car.

Common Problems

SRS malfunctions are frequently caused by short battery voltage or dead battery, functioning on the electric system there is no disconnecting the battery, damaged clock spring, or SRS regulate unit issues.

1. Disconnecting Airbag Wires

Disconnecting materials such together stereo, seat, airbag, a sensor that the airbag system without disconnecting the battery is amongst the most usual reasons the Volvo SRS warning comes up.

The good news is that you don"t must take the automobile to the dealer come reset the SRS Airbag warning message. While girlfriend can"t reset airbag warnings with a share OBD2 scanner or disconnect the battery, you can use a Volvo scanner to clear the airbag module"s error code.

Rember to always disconnect the battery when you work on the electric system.

2. Instrument cluster / DIM

The Driver details Module (DIM), i m sorry Volvo call the tool cluster, may fail. once DIM fails, one SRS airbag alert comes up. You will additionally notice intermittent electrical problems on the dashboard, such as various other warning lights, gauges no working, or speedometer no working.

You can learn an ext about this problem here: Volvo Instrument swarm DIM Problems.

3. Ahead Accident

If her Volvo was affiliated in one accident, the airbag light can come on even if that is minor. An accident event will be stored in the SRS module. After a vehicle accident, items such as seat belt tensioners, airbags deploy and also will need to be replaced.

After replacing the airbags and seat belt tensioners, girlfriend will must either replace the SRS module or reset it. Replacing the SRS module costs $1000+, yet a less expensive deal with would be to remove the SRS module indigenous the center console and send it for repair come a specialist.

Check the end these areas that sell Volvo SRS Airbag module fix on eBay.

4. Dead Battery 

Volvo SRS airbag post can additionally come on once you replace the battery or jump-start the car if your battery died.

This is since the Volvo SRS module go not operate properly at short voltage. As such it stores a low voltage fault code in the SRS module, triggering the SRS Airbag company Urgent message. Codes regarded the low battery deserve to be cleared through a Volvo scanner.

See the instructions below on just how to reset the Volvo airbag light.

5. Seat Occupant load Sensor (OWS)

An occupant weight sensor (OWS) is installed in the passenger seat cushion. It detects the load of the passenger top top the front seat. A passenger chair sensor is sometimes the culprit.

Another related trouble that happens quite frequently is that the wires under the seat that connects to the passenger OWS sensor get damaged or unplugged.

Inspect the yellow connector under the passenger seat.

6. Chair belt buckle

The seat belt buckle has a tiny sensor the detects if you room using the chair belt or not. If the wires to the seat belt sensor (nothing an ext than a micro-switch) gain disconnected, friend will gain a fault password that points to an open up circuit to the chair belt buckle. You can use a multimeter to test the switches in the seat belt buckle.

7. SRS Module

Supplemental Restraint mechanism (SRS) regulate module is situated under the facility console behind the shifter. It deserve to fail particularly if exposed to liquid. No a an extremely common issue.

8. Software Issue

The SRS software may need to be updated. A Volvo dealer can only do this. Call her Volvo dealer and also ask if over there is a recall because that the airbag module or a software update. Depending on exactly how old her Volvo is, girlfriend may obtain the update free of charge.

9. SIPS Unit

Side affect Protection system (SIPS) is a passive safety device in Volvo designed to protect against injury in a side collision. Even though it is rare, the SIPS unit have the right to fail and may need to be replaced.

Frequently asked Questions

Will i fail the state inspection through the airbag irradiate on?

It relies on the states. Several says such as Utah will not fail friend if the airbag irradiate is on. Other states such together Maryland will pass a safety and security emission also if the SRS light is on.

Can ns clear the Volvo airbag light by disconnecting the battery?

No. Disconnection the battery will not reset the Volvo airbag light.

Volvo Airbag Codes

There space hundreds of feasible fault codes that can create Volvo airbag lights and warnings come come up.

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Here room a few common Volvo airbag fault codes:

ShowCEM-2FA2 or SRS-00D0 way the driver seat belt buckle is defective. It may be a loose wire or the move in the buckle.CEM 2FA5 or SRS 00D1 means the passenger chair belt buckle is defective.SRS-0165 rear left side affect sensorSRS-010F manage moduleSRS-010D regulate moduleSRS-0210 Front best front influence sensorSRS-0220 can signalSRS-0231 Switch because that the passenger airbagSRS-0250 Occupant load sensor (OWS)SRS-B000112 Driver Frontal stage 1 Deployment Control. General electric Failures. Circuit short to batterySRS-B00211B Left Curtain Deployment regulate 1. General electrical Failures. Circuit resistance over thresholdSRS-DD00 control module communication

This article uses to every Volvo models, consisting of XC70, V70, S60, S40, V40, V50, XC60, XC90, S60, S70, S80, C30.