Replace the old, clogged, or dirty fuel filter in your 95-05 Pontiac Sunfire utilizing this video"s instructions.

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Spray the nut with penetrating oil. Usage a 16mm wrench and an flexible wrench to secure the filter and remove the nut. Have a record pan come collect any kind of fuel spillage. Unplug the filter from the various other hose.
attach the filter come the hose and also clip the filter into the clamp format mount. Usage your wrenches come tighten the nut.

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Tools needed for replacement

Materials, Fluids, and Supplies

Rust Penetrant

Pliers, Cutters & misc Wrenches

Adjustable Wrench

Wrenches - Metric

16mm Wrench

Brought come you by, your resource for top quality replacement parts and also the best service on the internet.Hi, I"m Mike Green. I"m one of the owner of 1A Auto. I desire to assist you save time and money repairing and also maintaining your vehicle. Ns going to usage my 20+ years experience restoring and repairing cars and also trucks choose this to display you the correct method to install parts from The appropriate parts mounted correctly, that"s going to conserve you time and also money. Thank you and enjoy the video.In this video we"ll be replacing the fuel filter top top this 1997 Pontiac Sunfire, same as any type of "95 to "05 Cavalier or Sunfire. The just tools you"ll require are 16 mm and 19 mm wrenches or two adjustable wrenches.To replace the fuel filter, you"re walking to should start in underneath her car. It"s situated right here above the rear axle. There"s the wheel and this right right here is the fuel filter.The an initial thing you"re going to desire to perform is usage some penetrating oil and really spray the down and that down. This nut below is a 16 mm. I believe the filter is probably around a 20 or 21 mm. We"ll simply use an adjustable wrench. Put it on over there and shot and get these apart. Be careful since once girlfriend start acquiring this apart, you could see some gas leaking out. The other thing is to be careful and make sure that you"re pulling ~ above this wrench and that you"re not twisting the fuel line as well, otherwise, you"ll have to replace the fuel line. It"s coming apart okay. Now you deserve to pull that line out. You can see some gas that"s beginning to come down. You desire to have actually a catch basin underneath. What you"re walking to must do is pry the clip turn off here. This is a flexible wand, so you want to be mindful still. There"s some much more gas comes out. Complete taking this apart. Intake the remainder of the gas the end of here. Currently you twist and also pull the filter from the other hose. The new ones have actually a little bit that a different style clamp. What I perform is I actually pull it off the filter. Together you deserve to see, you take it the clip off the replacement and there"s an O-ring inside this housing and the filter goes in there. Placed the filter right into the clamp and it will certainly slide a tiny bit. Again, 16 mm or adjustable. Tighten the nuts up. You want to get it great and tight. Revolve your crucial on, which will rotate the pump on and also you have the right to test to make certain nothing"s leaking.We expect this help you out. Lugged to friend by, your source for top quality replacement parts and also the ideal service top top the internet. You re welcome feel totally free to contact us toll complimentary at 888-844-3393. We"re the firm that offer you on the internet and in person.