Due to high purpose of use or raised fuel demands, you could want to replace your fuel pump! the is not only easy, yet will ensure her motor runs healthy and balanced for many an ext miles!

This article uses to the Chevy Camaro and Pontiac Firebird (1998-2002).

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The OEM fuel pump is a long lasting unit that is known to last for a long time. However, once you start editing your car or have high miles, you will need to replace your fuel pump. The fuel pump is responsible for pushing fuel from the fuel tank come the fuel lines, and eventually the engine"s combustion chamber. After thousands of miles the use and abuse, the fuel pump does not duty as well together it did new, so that is best to change it.

If you start to an alert decreased fuel push or fuel starvation, you could want to look right into your fuel system and determine if the fuel pump needs to be replaced. To change the fuel pump, the most common an approach is the trap-door trick. Traditionally, you must drop the fuel tank to remove the pump assembly, which requires a many extra work. However, by cutting a catch door over the fuel pump assembly, you can obtain the accessibility needed and also replace the from the trap door. Find out how to perform this below!


Materials Needed10mm and 8mm socketFlat head screwdriver and also hammerPliersRags and cleaning solutionDremel cutting toolRTVScrews or rivets

Step 1 – reduced the trap door

Before you cut the catch door, some procedures need to it is in taken to enable the fuel pump come be replaced safely and also successfully. First, traction the fuel pump fuse and disconnect the negative (black) battery terminal. Also, bleed the fuel pressure at the Schrader valve on the driver"s next fuel rail. Make certain you have actually a bucket and rags all set for this. Lastly, open the gas cap to relax any an ext pressure. Now, you have the right to proceed to reduced the trap door as displayed in number 3. Usage a Dremel v a cut wheel and also go slowly! Make certain that naught gets reduced that shouldn"t be, like wiring harnesses and fuel lines.

Figure 1. Fuel pump fuse.
Figure 2. Schrader valve.
Figure 3. Trap door.

Step 2 – eliminate the fuel pump assembly

Now, you have to remove the two connectors on optimal of the fuel pump assembly. They simply unclip and also come turn off of the fuel pump assembly. Also, clean the area in the catch door closely to minimization the hazard of dirt falling right into the tank. Now, the three fuel lines have the right to be disconnected by just pulling and also unclipping them turn off the plastic water tap connectors. Have actually rags ready to catch any fuel that can come the end of these lines. Then, you have the right to use a screwdriver and also hammer ~ above the edge of the fuel pump retaining ring to spin it away from the locks to have the ability to remove the assembly. The fuel pump assembly should conveniently lift out of the catch door now.

Figure 4. Clean functioning area.
Figure 5. Fuel currently removed.
Figure 6. Remove fuel pump assembly.

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Step 3 – Install brand-new fuel pump and seal trap door

Now, install the new fuel pump assembly in the reverse of removal. Make certain you plug in fuel lines and electrical connectors. Then, as soon as you want to seal the trap door, obtain a piece of sheet metal and also cut that in the same shape, however slightly bigger than the catch door. Place this piece of sheet metal over the catch door v a bead the RTV and your cabin will be sealed from the fuel tank as an excellent as new. Congrats, you have actually replaced her fuel pump!

Figure 7. RTV trap door replacement.

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