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Just perfect replacing the water pump, timing belt, every hoses and also belts, the receiver/drier, and also the ac compressor. Compressor walk bad about 2.5 years back but never ever really feeling the should replace it. Since I to be doing the water pump and also everything this weekend, determined to go ahead and also replace the compressor together well. The clutch locked up on the compressor yet when i inspected the oil the was quiet in the unit, there were no steel shavings or debris. Oil to be pretty dark however otherwise clean. I have actually a brand-new expansion valve but after reading and also seeing videos on how to replace it, ns really don’t desire to. Is it essential to replace?

Junk in the development valve can impact functionality. The suggest of the expansion valve is to regulate the circulation from high push to low pressure sides that the A/C system. Honestly, the decision is a spatu bet on your part, don"t replace it, everything can be fine, or no fine and also the A/C ultimately goes poor again. If my confidence is high over there is no metal debris, i would probably skip replacing it, yet I would certainly at the really least run some A/C flush with the parts prior to bolting it every up again.hth,Bob

I don"t introduce NOT an altering it as its the same as an orifice tube in other systems and also Its easy to replace.. And also you absolutely would be kicking yourself to drain and refill the system to uncover a critical minute issue. You"re going to have to undo the 2 fire wall surface connections and the pair bolt/screws that organize it under the dash. Traction the entire box out and also disassemble it outside of the truck. I simply did one on one 03 Thursday together with all brand-new lines, drier, and O-rings and the just mistake made to be taking every one of the screws the end of the box thinking I might get in ~ it under the dash. Take you an hr fighting the idea and 15 mins to pull it and also have it prepared to it is in put earlier in.You"re gonna require a couple of wrenches within of the box and also firewall side.17mm19mm24mmChannel Locks#2 Philips head (+) screw driverThe sensor ~ above the pipe has a clip, a quick rotation and pull technique will remove it easily, (reverse motion to reinstall the brand-new one). Use the channel locks to no only host the bigger nut top top the firewall next while you ease the 24mm nut for removal. However the channel locks are finest to host the expansion valve chin while making use of the wrenches because that removal of the lines. Reassemble, but dont tighten until both lines space finger threaded on, climate you have the right to hold with the channel locks and tighten together needed.And together a side note, when you refill the system. MAKE certain YOU or the technology doing it because that you draws down that mechanism for at the very least an hour prior to recharging it. Most brand-new AC device chargers space well adjusted to the approximately temp, Vac, and also amount the cooling agent necessary math but dont allow them slam it done without suitable vacuuming under the system properly and also its not possible to execute in 30 mins.
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