Asked through Molly Jul 15, 2017 at 07:29 PM about the 2003 Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo 4WD

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Your fuel push regulator is actually part of the fuel filter assembly situated in front of the fuel tank above the behind axle. Recognize that hard to think it is 2 in one, ns sawed the old filter assembly in fifty percent and certain enough, there was the filter and also the push regulator. And I uncovered that component on Ebay for just $15 and also replacing it in reality made mine 1999 cool Cherokee minimal run better and get better mileage. This must be done every 50,000 miles or less. Ns hope this helps.

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GuruWH611, You are correct top top the location of the fuel push regulator on your Dad"s 95 Jeep grand Cherokee, however I think Molly is asking around her 2003 model year. The WJ Jeep to be 1999-2004 and they were essentially the same. However thank you for your additional information. A lot of those 95"s room still ~ above the road and also running strong.

On Jeep cool Cherokees 1999-2004, the fuel press regulator is inside the fuel filter assembly. Inside. Acquire out her hacksaw and cut the fuel filter assembly in half and inside will certainly be the regulator. Inside. Inside. Inside...............................

Got a Jeep Cherokee and also it runs for 20 minute the. Dies,changed position sensor,and fuel filter now it won"t start

The Cherokee engine has a camshaft position sensor and also a crankshaft place sensor. I had actually a brand brand-new camshaft sensor that failed immediately, but ran ~ above the old one. Also, the crankshaft place sensor needs to be pushed into the bell housing hole until it touch the flywheel, then pull it earlier 0.030 inches, tighten it there. Inspect your sensor P0340.....crank sensor P0320.

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If ns buy a rebuild kit for my fuel pump assembly, am i correct to assume that the fuel pressure regulator will certainly be in the kit?? Also, is the sending out unit another name because that fuel push regulator?? Thanks!

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