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Hey guys, i am brand-new to this forum. I simply recently purchase a 2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ and also the stock speakers room shot and also I"m spring to update them. Ns was looking at the Kicker factory Replacement Speaker kit for former door speakers and also for the rear. They space priced nice high, I simply wanted to understand if anyone is to run these speakers? If so room they precious it or would you go with a less expensive speaker the gets the task done simply as well? below is the link to the speaker I am talk about: in development for any type of help!

Welcome to the forum indigenous NY bud.Kicker speakers are pretty good, I have actually them in the former now and also plan ~ above doing lock in the rear quickly as well. I right now have sony xplods there. I just gained em indigenous walmart, the set was like $54 so the is t too bad. I also have two 12" kicker comp subs, those i bought indigenous a speaker shop though, therefore theyre not the wally people brand and should last a lot longer.
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Yep, simply go come walmart and also get your speakers, girlfriend save fifty percent the money friend would spend on those. 5.25" round for the front, at least on a "95 that is, and also 6.5" because that the rear sound bar if you have that.
Mike B1995 Jeep Cherokee Country 4.0, 4x4, 5 Speed, 4.5" RC long Arm KitBuild Thread: job Apache

so deserve to you phone call a difference in the sound quality in between the kickers and the sony xplods? and also yea I"ve gained the behind sound bar. Likewise I"m to run the stock radio and also I don"t plan on going with an aftermarket radio.

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It might be the the sonys room old, most likely close to 6 years old, and also the kickers are brand-new and thats why I notice the difference. Yet yes, I can tell.
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4.0, 4x4, 5 Speed, 4.5" RC lengthy Arm KitBuild Thread: project Apache
I have the 6 speaker system in mine 96 xj country and also the 2 door speakers are literally rotted out I have actually 2 pioneer 6x9s laying around and also was considering shoving them in the door however wasn"t sure exactly how much room was behind or approximately what would have to be cut to fit the bigger speakers I currently removed the behind speakers and replaced them through pioneer 6x9s in boxes i took the sound bar out and also moved the wires to the floor i have constantly run pioneer native Walmart v the exception of my subs which have actually all been Sony and also for the reduced price ns can"t complain
If her runnin the share radio I would cheep the end on the speakers. Speakers are only as an excellent and clean as the power you offer em. Simply my 2cents
An aftermarket deck will improve your stock speakers by itself. I execute not and will no run xplodes however would run kickers. Truthfully, my favorite speakers are Polk audio. Or alpines.

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Thanks because that the information guys. Just trying to figure out if the $129.99 pair that kicker replacement speakers room worth it? also I guess my jeep has the infinity package with tweeters and all. I check out that over there is an amp under the rear seat, if ns were to upgrade the amp would that enable me come get better sound quality while still to run the manufacturing facility head unit? look at through and also buy what girlfriend think would be an excellent they sell kicker and sony kenwood ect. Finest component speaker ive ever used is infinity perfect they price alot. In mine mj ns bought part $12 sets turn off boss and also some other brand sound good way far better than the crap ns took out.
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JEEP= Just enough Essential PartsM.J.= mine JEEP Jeep MJ Comanche 3in region 3.55 gears f+r powerking tires 97 prior clip and doors power windows and also a/c the actually functions lol.gone=88 huge orange gone=99 red baby obtain er develop thread orange*******-pizza-delivery-12335/project Sunshine
If her jeep already has the infinity package, through component speakers up prior (tweeters where the mirrors are) and separate amp, execute yourself a favor and also get a new set of component speakers, not coaxial. Are you certain your speakers room bad and not the head unit? Or the amp! Or faulty wiring? What"s the problem you listen now? If you to be talking around normal stock speakers then yes any kind of thing else will certainly be one improvement, yet don"t downgrade what you currently have. I"ve remained in the audio organization for 15 years and FWIW i would never ever recommend sony... Kicker and others have decent entrance level ingredient sets that would work. You can go as much as 6.5" cones with minor modification. For new entry-level high finish I would certainly go Kicker. Ns bought a finish system used on Craigslist for my XJ , with JL speakers and also subs, Alpine head and Rockford sub amp for $400. Way much better than anything new for that price, so examine local or eBay for offered too!
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