four cylinder prior wheel journey automatic 118,000 miles.

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I have looked all over on the internet, and I tried in search of a Chilton's ~ above this vehicle but ns cannot find somewhere to present me where the crankshaft position sensor is.I drove 2,300 miles on the in 3 days and also it functioned fine till a day later on when ns tried beginning it. I had actually a little trouble beginning it, yet it started up nonetheless, then together I to be backing increase it simply shut off. Climate it would certainly not start. It would crank and sound like it is about to start, but it just does not. I checked for a spark and there to be none. I know it can be a variety of things. However I want to inspect the crankshaft position sensor however cannot find it. Thanks for her help.

on left side engine close to exhaust. Watch diagrams.



Thanks, ns was able to find it, however unfortunately, that was no the problem. But the camshaft sensor looks nice fried.

four cylinder front wheel drive hand-operated Hi! I should replace (or actually have my "male" girlfriend replace) mine crankshaft sensor in mine car. I require to recognize the exact location the it because that him and be able to verbally straight him to it end the phone! ns would greatly appreciate any assist and if a diagram could possibly be included (or you have the right to lead me come one) that would be awesome! give thanks to you therefore much, Danette : )

Is it simply a take off put on or are there any kind of special settings-is the camshaft sensor the same to replace?
Crank sensor is behind the crank pulley. The timing belt has to be eliminated to obtain to it.Why space replacing both sensors? Roy
thanks for replying-I just determined not to replace the crank sensor-I had no idea the timming belt essential to come off thats an extremely labor intensive-I trhought I would be proactive and also replace the sensors since they room realitively cheap-avoid difficulties in the future-I to be told if the crank sensor goes the end then the care just cranks and doesn"t fire is the true?
Yes, however is not a typical failure. I would store them in instance of a future failure, if it ever occurs.Roy
Hello, The sensor is located near the front of the engine under low, here is a overview that will give you one idea that what you are in because that when an altering the sensor with e diagram (below) of wherein it is on her car. allow us know if you need anything else to get the trouble fixed.Cheers, Ken
Before I change The Crankshaft Sensor that The Hand Held computer Said ns Need. Ns Took the end The Old Crank tower Sensor, Cleaned It up Put...
The check Engine Light came On and also The Code claimed Crankshaft position Sensor. We replaced It however The car Still will certainly Not Start.
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Unsolved Mystery, 2000 Hyundai Accent, 1.5 Sohc former Wheel Drive. I have Been Trying, Unsuccessfully For two Years To acquire This Little...

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1. A Friend/auto Mechanic simply Replaced The time Belt and also Drive Belts top top The Accent. The Engine Sounds and also Drives Fine and also Quiet. 2....