Crankshaft place sensor failure can be dangerous, especially if her Ford focus is one automatic. Because your Ford PCM depends on the crankshaft place sensor signal in stimulate to operate your engine, this can cause your emphasis to revolve off. If friend are moving at speed, this deserve to be a really dangerous instance as you’ll it is in without strength brakes and power steering.

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The specific code we room looking at now is OBDII DTC P0335 for Crankshaft place Sensor Circuit Malfunction. Once your Ford emphasis PCM detects an problem with your crankshaft position sensor signal, or the lack of signal, it will light your inspect engine light. This irradiate represents a save OBDII trouble code, and today I’ll be reflecting you exactly how to clear your trouble code of P0335 in a 2003 Ford focus ZTS.


The crankshaft place sensor component number in your 2.0 liter Ford focus ZETEC engine is 94BF6C315AA, F5RZ6C315A, or F5RZ6C315AA. If for every little thing reason friend are having actually a difficult time recognize this part from Ford, you can likewise look up the Mazda equivalent component number. This interchange is Mazda YF0918221, and also there’s quite a couple of aftermarket interchange numbers as well.

DY913PC63SS10188Where is Ford emphasis crankshaft position sensor located?

This component is mounted near your crankshaft positon sensor, close to your 2.0 liter crankshaft pulley. The 2003 is a year prior to the Duratec versions were released because that the Ford Focus, which may confuse countless people. The crankshaft position sensor in a 2.0 liter is the reduced left side of the engine, if you take place to very own the SVT variation of this 2.0 liter the sensor is moved to the former of the engine.


If her crankshaft sensor has completely failed, this will result in a no begin condition. One the will require you to change your crankshaft position sensor entirely. Prior to rushing the end to buy one however, take the moment to learn how to check a Ford emphasis Crankshaft place Sensor. Worst instance scenario you know for a reality your sensor has failed.


If friend haven’t already, have actually your battery and also alternator checked before you purchase or attempt to work on anything. Her OBDII trouble code can triggered through a charging issue, which would save you a many time and money. If you space sure your crankshaft place sensor is the culprit, continue onward.

In stimulate to finish our how to test a Ford focus Crankshaft position Sensor DIY Guide, friend will have to raise your automobile on jackstands. This is so friend can accessibility the crankshaft position sensor easily and also test the voltage from the sensor using a multimeter.Make certain your Ford emphasis emergency brake is raised and also safely and also securely raise the former of your Focus. Her Ford crankshaft place sensor is placed behind the pulley, to review the crank reluctor wheel behind the timing belt gears. This metal wheel has actually grooves that the hall result crankshaft place sensor reads together it spins.


The crankshaft position sensor is a two wire unit, and also you’ll be backpinning this terminals to review them with your multimeter. Usage a document clip and insert it into the ago of the wiring harness, or use a cable piercing tool to get your multimeter leader home.

Connect and securely have your multimeter leader on the two wires. Make sure your wiring and any backpin you have actually inserted is not interfering or threaten to come in contact with your crank pulley, drive belts or alternator. If you very own a SVT version of this vehicle, her crankshaft sensor is in front.

Now, v the infection in neutral have actually a friend crank the engine end while monitoring the voltage being sent by the sensor. Your multimeter should jump in voltage indigenous .5 volts come 1 volt together the engine cranks. This sensor need to not check out a voltage once your emphasis is no being cranked. Have to you have actually no voltage if cranking or a continuous 5 volts the switched power, your focus crankshaft place sensor has failed.

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Where to acquisition a Ford focus Crankshaft place Sensor

Replace the unit by undoing the 10mm bolt and also insert your brand-new crankshaft position sensor. Making use of a scan device clear the OBDII DTC trouble password of P0335 and you have to be prepared to go!

You currently know how to check a Ford emphasis crankshaft position sensor, if you have any kind of questions around our guide, please leaving them for united state below.