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For part time now I"ve to be advising others on this forum to readjust their fuel filter. Well, i finally chose to take my own advice! I have 151,000 miles on mine Sport however have only driven it about 1,000 miles since I bought that this May. I bought that from a tow truck driver that impounded it for towing fees he charged once it was exit on the freeway. Not discovering anything about the vehicle"s history, ns assumed the worst regarding past constant maintenance. Because replacing my share air filter v a gyeongju cone filter I have been suffering cold beginning and short article start/prewarm idling troubles which ns attributed to a leaner mixture due to increased waiting flow. Ns cleaned and eventually changed the IAC valve, cleaned the MAF sensor and throttle body and reset the PCM many times. Nobody of this actions corrected the problem. My an initial step in instead of the fuel filter to be to raise and then jack stand the left front of the vehicle. Ns did this to make certain fuel did not siphon the end of the tank. Also, i don"t prefer working under a vehicle and also the an ext clearance the better. I put an oil drain pan directly below the filter come catch any leaking fuel and also made certain my drop irradiate was no close sufficient to ignite any kind of splashes. The safety clips were easily removed and also I provided a 3/8 customs release device for the fuel connections. When I tilted the old filter to drainpipe it i noticed that fuel go not flow easily. I installed the brand-new filter making certain the arrowhead pointed toward the engine, lower the vehicle and also turned ~ above the ignition to examine for leaks. Due to the fact that there were none ns then started the engine to inspect further. On the vault morning the low was 35 degrees and also the engine passed away several times after starting even though i tried to avoid it by stepping top top the accelerator. On this morning the low was 32 degrees and also the engine started, slowed yet recovered top top its own and then idled smoothly. I never had to action on the accelerator.I decided to reduced open the old filter and also examine it. The photo listed below shows the write-up hack witnessed exercise.

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You deserve to see the accumulated crud in the pleats.I can"t define why my engine had enough fuel circulation to traction 175 rwhp top top the dynomometer and also rev easily to 6,000 rpm but not enough to begin from cold and also idle properly. Nor can I describe why mine engine idle boosted from a too low 550 rpm to at the very least 700 after an altering the filter. But I"m not one who argues with success! After changing the filter I included two bottles of Techron fuel injector cleaner to the practically full fuel tank. I provided to very own Volvos and also Techron to be the only fuel injector cleaner the Volvo endorsed. Part injector cleaners do a great job on the injectors but additionally cause carbon deposits on the input valves. The fluffy store absorb fuel and also cause unstable idle and hesitation, specifically in cold weather. If you haven"t adjusted your fuel filter in the critical 30,000 miles I imply that friend do. I also suggest the you avoid adding fuel injector cleaner if your filter is due because that a change. I suspect that a high percentage of early fuel pump failure are as result of not transforming the fuel filter in ~ the argued interval.

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Yikes....I to buy a brand-new fuel filter because that mine, and tried to readjust it, yet could not gain those silly connectors offof the filter...I have actually the one-of-a-kind ford tool to popular music it loose, however it simply would no budge...then I check out in the Haines hand-operated that the fuel filter is set "for the life the the vehicle" and also needs never ever to be changed...I think the is bull, but what is the trick come gettin the old one off....HELP....Thanks because that the pics....they sure inspired me...
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The trick I"ve found that works the ideal for the connectors goes like this:1. Insert disconnect device as much in fuel fitting together possible. You more than likely won"t have the ability to get it all the method initially, this is fine.2. Press fuel line towards the filter if twisting and also doing every little thing you desire to aid break things free. 3. When holding the line against the filter, effort to insert disconnect device farther right into the fitting. It might not on slide in easily. You could still need to mess with things some to acquire it in there. Yet when the device goes in every the way, you will know it.4. When tool is all the way in, pull the line off with the device inserted. Even on mine 15 year old automobile I gained it off with relative ease once I figured out the correct process. When you obtain one it"s not tough to gain the other due to the fact that you know how it works. Once you have it turn off to check the small clip inside the installation to make sure it"s in over there right and also not bent increase or something. The lines room pushed back on for reassembly, just provide them a good tug backwards to make sure whatever is sit properly.

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The difficulty is gasoline will certainly absorb moisture from the air, this moisture will rust the within of the lines, the rust then clogs the filter. I would certainly never think about the fuel filter a life time item. It"s gotta clog at some point or another.