The Dodge grand Caravan attributes rear wheel bearing hub assemblies. This non-serviceable bearing assemblies incorporate the hub and lug studs, the interior bearings and the speed sensor/ABS brakes interlocking connector. Because Grand Caravans deserve to come equipped through either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive models, the rear bearing assemblies employ considerably different actions to remove and also or replace. These hub bearing assemblies require no maintenance and also are more durable 보다 the older style free-floating bearings that had to it is in repacked with bearing grease on regular business intervals.

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Use the breaker bar and also a socket to crack the lug nuts loose on the behind tire from which you"re removed the wheel bearing.

Hoist the rear quarter panel top top the appropriate side with the jack and then assistance the cool Caravan top top a jack stand. Execute not usage the jack together a support, because they deserve to fail under duress. Remove the lug nuts and wheel assembly.

Use the needle-nose pliers to remove the cotter pin from the drive shaft stub and then eliminate the castle nut retainer. Ease the hub bearing nut with the breaker bar and also hub bearing socket.

Remove the 6 retaining bolts native the inner axle shaft-to-transaxle module utilizing the ratchet and a socket.

Disconnect the rate sensor/ABS cable by pushing up ~ above the steel retaining clip until it bottom out and then pulling the speed sensor/ABS cable connector indigenous the wheel bearing assembly.

Release the parking brake and then remove the loosened hub bearing retaining nut and also washer indigenous the drive shaft stub.

Remove the caliper mountain retaining bolts utilizing the breaker bar and a socket to break the bolts free. Switch end to the ratchet and also socket when the bolts are totally free to speed up the bolt removal process. Pull the caliper, pads and mount assembly off the rotor and also then cave it indigenous the caliper hanger come the rear chassis for this reason no stress occurs to the hydraulic brake hose.

Remove the rotor indigenous the hub bearing assembly. If necessary, rethread the hub nut earlier onto the axle stub and also then use the three-pronged drum/rotor puller to remove the rotor indigenous the hub assembly.

Place a drainpipe pan under the inside axle shaft-to-transaxle connection and then compress the inner axle column joint by pushing in top top the tower by hand. Remove it from the transaxle module and also then slide the external joint that the tower from the hub bearing.

Remove the 4 hub bearing-to-axle retaining bolts using the ratchet and also the socket. An assistant or a huge bench vise to organize the pillar will help in this step. Remove the bearing assembly indigenous the shaft. If the bearing is corroded come the shaft and also will not come off easily, use the hub bearing puller to eliminate it from the shaft.

Replace the bearing v the new bearing (if applicable) by reversing the removed procedure. Use the appropriate torque setups to all retaining bolts using the talk ratchet and suitably size sockets: 100 foot-pounds for the 4 hub bearing-to-axle retaining bolts, 80 foot-pounds because that the two caliper mountain retaining bolts and 100 foot-pounds because that the lug nuts (when the cool Caravan has weight on that by remove the jack stand yet supported through the jack). Tighten the lug nuts in a star pattern.

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Remove the brake drum utilizing the three-pronged brake puller or remove the caliper mount assembly and also rotor, as defined in actions 8 and 9 in ar 1.