In this guide, we look at typical problems that rotate on BMW inspect Engine irradiate (CEL), likewise known as business Engine shortly (SES).

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If her BMW examine engine irradiate (or business engine soon light) remains on, it means that the Onboard Diagnostic system (also well-known as Digital Motor electronic devices DME) has actually detected a difficulty with the emission system, engine, or transmission.

 BMW check engine light may come on as result of something as basic as a loosened gas cap, but it can also indicate an high-quality engine or transmission problem.


Don"t panic!

It doesn"t average your BMW demands to it is in towed uneven the vehicle is overheating or if the examine engine light is flashing. Proceeding to journey if her BMW examine engine light proceeds to flash can lead to more serious and also costly problems down the road.


If the examine engine light or business engine soon stays on, your BMW might drive well if the trigger is as result of EVAP connected fault code.

Unless the trouble is an ext serious in which instance you may an alert performance issues such as:

BMW engine misfireBMW won"t accelerateStuck in limp modeEngine shakes at idle.BMW engine overheatsPoor accelerationErratic idleHard to start

BMW organization Engine shortly light might be on without any kind of noticeable performance issues.

What go the BMW check engine or organization engine soon light mean? 

Your BMW"s check-engine light serves together a warning mechanism to the driver that something isn"t fairly right through its use – the problem can be very straightforward or severe. If severe, inspect engine light will flash, and transmission will acquire stuck in limp mode. 

These worries can range in severity, native a loose gas lid to a severe engine break down like timing chain failure. 

Common Causes

There are hundreds of problems that may trigger the check engine or company engine soon in a BMW. BMW particular problems include:

VANOSCracked or loose hosesOld batteryBad mass airflow sensor,Low fuel level,Bad charcoal carbon canister,Wire harness,High-Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) failure,Crankshaft sensor badInjectors (when applicable).

Do not start replacing BMW components without analysis the error codes.

If you don"t have actually a BMW scan tool, have actually a shop specializing in BMWs check out the codes and also troubleshoot the problem for you. Your local auto components store might read your BMW check engine light complimentary of charge. 

Once you have a diagnosis performed, you deserve to decide if the repair is something you can tackle yourself or let a BMW shop complete the work.

What to do when the BMW examine engine light turns on?

The very first step is to check the fuel cap. If the lid is loose, that will create the CEL. Tighten it until you hear it click.


Most 2005 and also newer BMWs will likewise show a different symbol to repeat you if you forget to tighten the fuel cap. If the gas cap was loosened and girlfriend tighten it. The CEL light will reset chin in a couple of driving cycles, commonly within a work or two.

If the BMW drives fine, closely monitor the engine temperature. If your BMW is overheating or the oil irradiate is on, avoid driving her BMW immediately. Acquire the BMW towed if necessary.

To uncover out why your BMW inspect engine light is on, you should read error codes. This is a an easy procedure you deserve to perform yourself. 

How to diagnose BMW inspect engine light

These instructions display you just how to read and also clear codes connected to inspect engine lights on a BMW. The is desired to diagnose BMW check engine light with an OBD-II scanner that can read BMW-specific error codes such as Foxwell NT510 because that BMW. 




Locate the diagnostic port on her BMW. The port is under the dash top top the driver"s side. Plug scanner right into the OBD2 port. Turn on the ignition by pushing the start switch without pressing on the brake pedal.Allow the scanner to rotate on.Press read/enter to check out codes indigenous DME Module.Please compose down the codes and clear them as soon as you space completed.

This procedure only allows you to read and clear codes from the ECU / DME / DDE. 

If you have actually other problems, a generic OBD2 scanner will not read and clear the codes. In various other words, a generic OBD2 scanner deserve to only read and also clear password from the ECU however not from other modules, including ABS, SRS, Airbag, DSC, stability Control, EGS Transmission, etc.

Note that you can read the codes, however you can"t clean them uneven you deal with the trouble that triggered the code. If you don"t settle the underlying problem, the light and also the code will return. That returns appropriate away; in various other cases, it deserve to take a day or two.

BMW examine Engine irradiate Symbol

There is a difference between BMW examine Engine irradiate vs. Organization Engine Soon.



Check Engine light - Yellow CELEngine Block symbol in DashboardThe difficulty is regularly minor such together a loosened gas cap.Often BMW drives fine.


Service Engine quickly - SES LightSES irradiate doesn"t constantly mean over there is a major engine problem.BMW may run and also drive fine.
Check Engine light - fifty percent YellowThis problem is more severe.The vehicle usually goes right into limp mode to prevent further damage.Serious engine or infection problemBMW may be stuck in gear, Limp house Mode

BMW inspect Engine light Flashing On and Off

If the check engine light is flashing, it generally way that the DME module has detected a misfire. If the irradiate is flashing, friend will notification poor acceleration, BMW engine shaking.

This difficulty is frequently caused by bad spark plugs or a negative ignition coil, a usual problem with countless BMWs, including 1, 3, 5, 6, X1, X3, and X5 series.

Other possibilities include a vacuum leak, poor mass airflow sensor, clogged catalytic converter, and also a blown head gasket. That is not recommended to drive a BMW if the business engine irradiate is flashing.

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When BMW"s organization engine soon light is flashing, and also the vehicle is shaking, you have a trouble that requirements to be handle as quickly as possible.

Under these conditions, her BMW will be really sluggish, and also the motor will certainly shake at idle.