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What up, guys!!! i was just wondering around putting some 20 inch rims on mine altima. I understand it can be done and I have seen couple altimas through 20 inch rims but I want to check out what civilization thought about it. I know my suspension would certainly be a tiny off yet you deserve to fix that. Yet tell me what you think. Holla.
I have actually 18"s myself. Its one hell the a bumpy ride, I mean I will have actually to change my shocks and all that other stuff but right currently its quite bumpy



The majority of the world on this board space going to say stick with 19"s... Ns myself love mine 20"s and also do not intend on switching. HEY lowriderman check your mailbox!!!
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personally, ns feel 20s offer our auto a monster van stance. Several of the altimas look great w/ 20s top top them, but not my preference. You can"t really lower the car after that with fear of rubbing. It can be done, however you would need to roll her fenders/ maybe reduced them. I would stick v 19s.
The majority of the civilization on this board are going to say stick v 19"s... Ns myself love my 20"s and do not intend on switching. HEY lowriderman inspect your mailbox!!!
20"s do price less in most situations though. Castle jack up the price ~ above 19"s.Hey Jay..I go not receive anything native you, if you sent out it.
Thats cool...guys. You provided me some great ideas. I"m more than likely going to get 19s or 20s yet I will certainly wait till spring. But I have the right to see most world like 19s. Yet I"m really not into lowering however everybody has actually there very own style. Yet its every good.
I plan on gaining 19"s and then see if the reduces the space to an acceptable level for me. If i feel the void is still as well big, then I"ll autumn the car. This makes sense for me because I like the watch of a lower stance much more than the monster truck, look in ~ me layout that part 20"s give particular cars. Yet like you said, everybody has their very own style and also you gotta do what you like to your car. Afterall you"re the one do the payments so carry out what the hell friend feel, as lengthy as you"re happy v it. Can"t please everyone, so girlfriend might as well focus on satisfaction yourself. Damn, that sounded kinda wrong, but you obtain my drift.
url=>Pics of mine ride at the showroom
i simply put 20"s on mine car, and also i had no problems with rubbing what for this reason ever, of course my wheels space 20 x 7.5, therefore they right perfect...

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I have actually a question around the 19"s and also 20"s. We currently have some 18"s purchase the vehicle like that. What dimension of rim and tire would certainly ya"ll recommend because that the 19"s or 20"s? 19 x 7.5? 20 x 7.5? I"m feather at some 19 or 20" Cabo 907 in black with a chrome lip uneven I view something rather that records my eyes. Five yeah and what offset would be best? I simply don"t desire to go in the pickled in salt shop and have them recommend what they think is best and also come the end rubbing in the earlier like ns did v my mazda. TIAkre8
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