Follow these basic instructions to gain your Toyota Camry to run smoothly and able to happen your next emissions test with flying colors.

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This article applies to the Toyota Camry (1997-2001).

Is your Camry running a tiny rough? go it tend to cough and also sputter once you"re sitting at a prevent light? Does that make your heart stop when you try to accelerate quickly and also your auto acts together if it"s about to stall? opportunities are very great that you have a clogged or defective EGR valve. This can even be shown if her "check engine" light has actually come on and a straightforward scan reveals code PO401.

It can possibly it is in the situation that all you need to do is take off the EGR valve and also clean out all the gunk or accumulated carbon. Worst situation scenario is you need to replace the valve. In any kind of case, let"s take a look at some basic steps to gain the task done quickly and inexpensively.


Materials NeededSimple wrenchMetric socket setScrewdriverWire brush

Step 1 – situate the EGR valve

The EGR valve is near the throttle body. If you follow the intake towards the engine, you"ll quickly spot the EGR.

Figure 1. Place of your Camry"s EGR Valve.

Step 2 – brand hoses

Before acquisition off the valve, brand the necessary hoses so friend know exactly how to reconnect them in a couple of minutes. A rapid preventative measure up in making certain things acquire hooked ago up correctly. Give thanks to us later.

Figure 2. Label your hoses for future reference.

Step 3 – Clean the valve

Once you remove the valve, take it a screwdriver, a wire brush, or some various other kind that scraper and also clean the end all the gunk and carbon within the valve. Exhaust gasses will certainly cake the within of the valve, and with the warmth of the gasses, that hardens right into a really solid layer of crud.

Figure 3. One EGR reflecting all the carbon buildup approximately the main opening.

Step 4 – Reinstall your EGR valve

Reassemble the EGR valve and the various vacuum hoses surrounding it. You might need to reset the inspect engine irradiate by undoing the an unfavorable (black) terminal ~ above the battery because that a couple of minutes. With whatever installed, begin the car and also watch the behavior. If, after beginning your engine, there is no distinction in her engine"s power or if the "check engine" light comes back on and you acquire the same code, friend will should replace the valve.

Step 5 – replace the EGR valve

If you have to replace the valve, take off the old valve and then download a new EGR valve. You just removed the initial one five minutes ago, so this should be pretty simple by now. A brand new EGR valve indigenous Toyota will price you around $60. However, you might be able to go come your regional junkyard and also find her replacement there for around $15 come $20. Through the new valve installed, again, go through the procedure outlined above for resetting the check engine light, and then watch your engine"s performance. Whatever should check out now.

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Figure 4. A used component may fit the invoice perfectly.

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