Jeep looses power after driving because that 15 miles or so. Happens as soon as I pertained to a stop favor at end of freeway ramp. Then when I try to accelerate it boggs down and also sometimes stalls. Shortly after the engine light comes on. Then once I turn auto off or begin up ~ stalling it appears ok. After increasing from a avoid it will periodically not transition like that should and then shifts at approximately 3000rpm. After ns drive that the following day or for this reason the engine irradiate goes off on its own.

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Great news! your Jeep is equipped through OBD (on-board diagnostics), so girlfriend should have the ability to do this without much hassle.

When the happens, immediately pull over and also turn the Jeep off, and also turn the an essential 3 time in succession, turning the key just till the odometer lamp up. Top top the 4th key turn, the CEL (check engine light) codes will flash (either one, or multiple). Write those down! They will be a PXXX number.

Post up the error code right here or usage a website that details the password reasons, which will certainly tell girlfriend what is walk on through the vehicle.

If her Jeep is making the CEL disappear once you revolve off the ignition, make your way to an Autozone/O"Reilly"s kind of location while the light is on and have them plug in their diagnostic tool.

I will notify you the my 2000 Jeep grand Cherokee had similar issues come what you describe, and a video camer position sensor had gone out. I changed that and it resolved the issue.

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Most modern cars will go into a "safe" setting if castle detect a problem which might potentially damages the engine this will commonly retard the ignition and also reduce the rev border to mitigate engine load as much as possible but still permit you to obtain home.

The type of intermediate error you are describing argues either a sensor difficulty or an ignition or other electronic issue. A negative crankshaft sensor often causes these sorts of symptoms.

As others have mentioned the first step is to plugin an OBD sensor and read the fault code which will certainly at the very least narrow down the problem. You have the right to either purchase one yourself reasonably cheaply or take it it to trusted mechanic.

In many cases a certain code will certainly either be simply a bad sensor or said to part known problem with that certain make and also model.

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answered Nov 6 "17 at 19:40

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