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Ok so i am having to replace the battery in my 97 ACE, again. The just reasonable price ns can find on this odd tough to discover battery is battery plus. What my concern is is this, ns would choose to go to a battery that is simpler to find the the stock "t" format that mine bike supplies (batteries plus part # XT16a-ab) everyone got any kind of ideas of what to replace it with? ns don"t wanna need to do a bunch the fabrication to acquire a different battery come work but really wanna uncover a suitable replacement. Many thanks in advance.



I haved offered BatteryStuff for the last 2 batteries and also even through shipping to Canada, they"ve been cheaper then what ns can gain here for the exact same battery :shock: have actually a look, lock sell four models for her bike, 2 AGM and 2 Shorai Lithium $72-$181 ............1997 Honda 1100cc VT1100C2 zero ACE Motorcycle BatteriesOr***/PURCB16A-AB.htmlOr permit Nextag execute the search work-related for girlfriend .....
I have had pretty an excellent luck to buy batteries because that bikes in ~ NAPA & various other auto components houses. Lot cheaper than a bicycle shop.

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I gained one because that my various other bike in ~ ACE hardware because that $38 and it functions good. For that price, ns can acquire a brand-new one every year!!
anyone got any ideas of what to change it with? ns don"t wanna have to do a bunch the fabrication to get a different battery to work
don’t buy an additional flooded cabinet T battery. Replace it through a YTZ14S maintenance totally free AGM battery. No fabrication needed. Girlfriend don’t have to buy a Yuasa brand, yet their site reflects which bikes the YTZ14S will certainly fit.
I have the Scorpion YTZ14S and also it functions fine. Not too expensive and also maintenance free.YTZ14S Battery | Scorpion 12 Volt Motorcycle Batteries
I bought the XTAZ14S Xtreme Permaseal AGM Battery from Battery PlusWent native the T-shape battery come the AGM.XTAZ14S Xtreme Permaseal AGM Battery - 1100CC 1995 come 1999 - VT1100C2 shadow ACE - Honda - Motorcycle - batteries Plus
1999 Honda zero ACE 1100C2
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O"Reilly auto partsI have actually a "96 VT1100C.I found a battery cheap at O"Reilly"s. Lock had an exact replacement. We will certainly see exactly how long it lasts, however I plan to use a battery tender v it...Good luck,Dan
1999 Honda shadow ACE 1100C2
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Ron, I"m curious regarding what caused it come break? never seen that take place before. That looks like you had some corrosion structure up ~ above the post, were you acquisition the battery out once it broke?
Originally post by AZ RiderI"m curious as to what resulted in it to break? never ever seen that occur before. It looks choose you had some corrosion structure up top top the post, to be you taking the battery out as soon as it broke?