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I have a 2000 F250, 7.3 l Super Duty 4X4 and also I had actually plans to adjust the auto speed sensor to settle a speedometer and also ABS irradiate issue. I got a NAPA VSS333 sensor.Upon attempting to remove the old sensor, I provided the wires attach at 90 degrees to the tower that is placed into the rear end housing top top the old sensor. The brand-new part has actually the wire connection directly ~ above the end.I have actually two questions.There is a big 1 customs diameter stole rod (part the the suspension) directly over the rate sensor. Execute I require to move this out of the means to remove the speed sensor. If so, what is the finest way.Does anyone understand if I have actually the right part since it shows up I might be difficult or difficult to hook up the wire link to the brand-new sensor once it is in the hole.Thanks because that you help.Matt

When I replaced the one because that my E350 I used the replacement part from Ford.... It was a pain becuase the old one did no come the end in one piece.... It came out fighting.

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I jacked my van up turn off the frame when I changed mine. This prolonged the suspension and gave me a little an ext wiggle room to work-related with.
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Jetcare, I"d have them twin check their component numbers. Iirc, mine 4x2 likewise required the 90 degree speed censor. I adjusted mine out with the truck on the ground, not jacked up. Ns don"t recall there gift any type of bar in the way. In fact, it took me longer to acquire the devices out that the garage 보다 it took to swap the end the censor. Maybe there"s a difference between the 4x2 and also 4x4 trucks, however I wouldn"t think so. You room talking around the one top top the rear differential, right? short_stuff