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Buick as soon as starting brand-new posts, please specify YEAR, MAKE, MODEL, ENGINE type, and whatever changes you have made.

1999 Lesabre protection light continues to be on. Pass 2
The car cranks and runs, just the light stays on. No dtc"* in pcm or bcm. I examine the A3 blue cable (at module) it has actually 5 volts(unplug v KOEO) and 2.5v through it plugged up. It shows to be operation correctly. The doesn"t have actually keyless Entry just 2 keys. Ns unplugs the connector at module, it has actually 12v with KOEO in ~ A5 dark environment-friendly wire, plugged increase module grounds A5 and security light comes on. What must I do next? ns don"t have actually any more info on this car. Give thanks to you

Customer has a 2nd almost new chipped crucial for a spare. Same issue. Cranks and also runs simply the light stays on solid.
Have you checked ALL THE LIGHTS?Hi/Lo beams, directionals, brake lights, cornering lights, perimeter lights, etc.
found 2 lamps out, change both bulbs, all lamps working, performed difficult reset, protection light tho on
The most common failure is the break of the wires to run to the key cylinder. You have the right to unplug the wires going up the column and also check the resistance across the steering wheel side of the connector. It have to be very close to the resistance throughout the key. If the is open, this is most likely to blame, and the device luckily detect the worry while the vehicle was running and also ignored the error (very lucky).
RJolly, i am pretty sure if the wire(*) broke, that would set a P1629 code, yet he claims there room none....

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My 1997 did the if girlfriend pulled easy on the key after it to be running. After ~ the key was pulled the end slightly for about 10 secs it would trip the light because that the remainder of the drive. ~ 2-3 years favor that the cylinder failed completely and was changed with a brand-new GM one. I can no much longer pull the an essential out enough to expedition the light.

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