I was told through a (non Mazda dealer) mechanic the my 2000 5sp (4-cyl) have to have had actually its timing belt changed at 60K, specifically considering that it is an interference engine. The manual suggests that the time belt have to be inspected in ~ 60K, 90K (how perform you check an internal belt?) and replaced in ~ 105K. I at this time have 80K on mine 626, and I can"t bought the $640 that ns was quoted to change the time Belt, Water Pump and Gaskets, but I am fear s*^t that ns will require a valve job if the belt snaps. Are these models prone to time belt problems? have the right to I wait come 105K to have the job-related done?

Frank in NJ

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Posted march 15, 2006


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I think its non interference, ns left mine as lengthy as ns could... Mine mechanic tried to tell me it was an Interference engine though... However then the was before he changed the belt ns didnt ask him again ~

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Inspection is easy.... Eliminate valve cover -- watch timing belt.... Hand crank the engine come inspect every one of the belt -- check for tension and such...

you yes, really can"t check the tensioner and also idler uneven you tear it all under (and eliminate the belt) -- yet if friend do, girlfriend might as well go every the way and readjust it

the T-belt idler pulley-block is bolted on to the water pump housing. So in order to readjust it, that pulley needs to come off (and in bespeak to obtain to the pulley, you should take turn off the timing covers and also everything friend did to readjust the belt). Its simply preventative maintenance if your water pump has not started leaking (mine was) B)

Steps to adjust timing belt: X amount of steps

Steps to change timing belt: X + 3 (drain coolant, remove idler, remove/re-install pump)

So if you carry out them in ~ the same time, its simply a few extra procedures

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Posted in march 16, 2006

I would eliminate the valve cover and just check the belt -- if you don"t see any type of cracks or damaged belt this (and not too lot slop in the belt), you will certainly most most likely be fine come 100K+ miles (others have)

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Posted might 12, 2006

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Posted might 16, 2006

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