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how much have to it expense to repair the heater core in my auto (F150, windshield)
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My heater in my automobile is blowing no so warm air. I think that I must replace the heater core. Walk anyone know exactly how much it have to really expense to have actually this replaced. I recognize that the is not simple job. You need to pull the entire dash out before getting to the heater core. My car is a 2000 Jeep Cherokee. Thank you.
Try looking in ~ www.jeepforum.com It"s going come depend mostly on where you take it the jeep and also how it has actually been maintained and driven (if it"s all rusty you"re paying much more in labor). there is a resistor problem with 97-2006 wranglers...not sure if it"s on cherokee too, due to the fact that they re-publishing so many parts. Is the pan working? working on every speeds? once it"s the resistor occasionally it still works on speed 3 or 4 simply not the an initial 2 speeds. How about coolant? is the reservoir full? have you had any kind of leaks or overheating? If the thermostat isn"t functioning appropriately you might not obtain much warmth inside. Have actually you had any other servicing done recently? new battery, anything in the glovebox area? new stereo? any crimped vacuum currently can impact the hvac device too.

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My f150 is doing the exact same thing, just works on high...mechanic states it"s gist thecresistor, perhaps a $100 fix
Try looking at www.jeepforum.com It"s going to depend mostly on whereby you take it the jeep and how it has been maintained and also driven (if it"s all rusty you"re paying an ext in labor).
Most places have actually a standard book rate because that each task so that doesn"t really issue if it"s rusty. I"d personally introduce going come a dealership uneven you understand a regional shop wherein the mechanic is her brother or father. The majority of this shops will certainly rape also if you think you understand a lot around cars. Lock also completely lie around the price of parts. Go and price the part at a components store and then view what her garage is charging you and they have a advertisement account to boot so they obtain it even cheaper. It"s every a scam. At least the dealership has a vested attention in keeping you around to buy a brand-new car. While their labor rates can be a little higher, lock won"t con girlfriend as poor as these local shops. They usually won"t lie and say you need repairs once you don"t. I"m not saying that never happens at any kind of dealership, yet it"s much less likely. Check out repairpal.com for usual prices for repairs.