The heater main point on the Ford F-250 super Duty is a radiator like device that heats increase the cabin. If the fails, here"s a step-by-step overview to replace it.

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This article applies to the Ford F-250, F-350 at sight Duty (2005-2014).

The heater core is responsible for getting heat right into the cabin by pulling warm from the warm coolant leaving the motor. As soon as it falls short there may be various symptoms relying on how the failed consisting of a loss of heat, home windows fogging within the cab, a sweet smell inside the cab, or coolant pooling in the passenger next floor board. If the core fails, chances are there is a coolant leak somewhere, therefore it"s essential to be mindful of the coolant levels until the difficulty is fixed. This isn"t a basic task to do for the inexperienced, so if you"re weary that the task, that is recommended to above a mechanic first.


Materials NeededSocket setPhillips head screwdriversFlat head screwdriversLarge drain pan

Step 1 - drain coolant

To remove the heater core, disconnect the coolant lines indigenous it. In stimulate to avoid as much mess together possible, drainpipe the coolant first.

Position a drainpipe pan underneath the drainpipe hole top top the radiator.Remove the coolant reservoir cap; make sure the engine is cool before removing it.Using a 3/4 socket, remove the drain plug native the radiator to allow it to drain.Once it"s drained completely, re-install the plug. Take caution not to over-tighten it.

Coolant passes v the heater main point in vacuum lines, which have to be drained of coolant as well. There room two options to eliminate this coolant. The first way is come disconnect the lines at the bottom of the degas bottle and also use an wait compressor or something comparable to blow the coolant through. The other option is to disconnect where it passes with the firewall, due to the fact that this demands to be done anyways, and also blow the coolant through. The an initial option has you removing/installing an ext hoses, but permits for less complicated angling of the fluid as the comes the end to stop messes.

Figure 1. Remove the reservoir"s cap.
Figure 2. Drain the coolant into a pan.

Step 2 - eliminate old heater core

Disconnect the heater hoses making use of the fast disconnects located versus the firewall. They are typically somewhere on the passenger side close to the peak of the engine bay on the firewall. Come disconnect, press the water tap in, press in the tabs, and then traction the hose off. This have the right to be a small tricky so it may take a couple of tries.

Figure 3. Remove heater core hoses.
Figure 4. F-250 fast disconnects.

Step 3 - remove glove box

Remove the glove box door to accessibility the mix door and heater core from within the vehicle cabin. Remove the glove box by simply squeezing both political parties to the inside; it have to come off.

Figure 5. Eliminate by squeezing both sides of the door.

Step 4 - Disconnect vacuum heat connector and panel pod

Disconnect the vacuum line connector and the vacuum heat panel pod by prying them off gently. It"ll be among the few things you view running through there for this reason it"s tough to miss. Then, disconnect the electrical connector indigenous the blend door actuator; it"s located in the upper left corner.

Using her socket, unbolt the blend door actuator, and also then closely remove it.Using her socket, remove the floor panel vacuum pod.
Figure 6. Blend door actuator (orange arrows), blend door actuator electric connection, vacuum pod (left of actuator).

Step 5 - eliminate heater core

To remove the panel, background it up from underneath and also then on slide it out with the glove box opening. You should be cautious not to damages the sealing foam top top it.

Position the mix door the end of the method so that won"t obstruct the removal of the heater core.Carefully remove the old heater core by pulling it with the opening in the glove box.
Figure 7. Heater core exposed.

Step 6 - Install brand-new heater core

Install is the reverse of removal yet you still must take special care to do sure every little thing lines up properly and is mounted correctly.

When installation the heater core, make certain the hoses line up and also slide through the feet in the firewall properly. If you shot to force it friend can damage the lines and also cause it come leak. Make sure the sealing foam is intact approximately the heater core as soon as it"s in place.Install the heater core access panel cover.Install the blend door actuator bracket and also make certain it"s correctly securing the hoses come the firewall.Install the mix door actuator and reconnect the wire harness to it.Install the floor dashboard vacuum pod.Reconnect the vacuum lines and secure them right into the host downs.Re-install the glove box door.

At this point, you"re finished through the install. All that is left currently is to refill the coolant, make certain there is no air in the lines, and then execute a test. In enhancement to do sure every little thing works when testing, make certain there space no coolant leaks.

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Pro Tip

It"s encourage to get new quick disconnects for the hoses in the engine bay due to the fact that they"re cheap and also it"ll aid ensure a leak-free fit. When installing them, make sure there is a teflon washer in between the 2 o-rings. When you press them ~ above the hoses, make sure you hear a click and give the a tug to make certain they"re top top tightly.