The mass airflow sensor (commonly abbreviation to MAF) is one of the most crucial engine management sensors. A bad mass airflow sensor have the right to leave her Dodge Ram’s engine running rough, or even inoperable.

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A MAF sensor measures the density of the air entering the entry manifold. It passes this info onto your Ram’s ECU. The ECU supplies this information along with other sensor data to manage the quantity of fuel that enters the combustion chamber.


If friend do determine that you need a new mass air flow sensor, castle aren’t too expensive. And, many of the moment they are appropriate by the waiting box and easy to replace.

Faulty Mass air flow Sensor Symptoms: dodge Ram

When the mass airflow sensor has gone bad, you’ll absolutely feel it. Here are the most usual symptoms that a bad or failing MAF sensor:

Idle Issues– her Ram may run rich or lean when idling, or that may additionally idle erratically. A rich problem is once there is not sufficient air relative to the fuel in the air/fuel mixture. The exhaust color is commonly darker when running rich. A lean problem is once there is too lot air family member to fuel in the air fuel mixture. The exhaust shade usually doesn’t change. Hard come Start– Without understanding the suitable amount of waiting entering into the intake, it can be really difficult for the engine to start. And when it does, it doesn’t generally run really well. Decreased Fuel Mileage– Fuel mileage deserve to suffer without the suitable air/fuel mixture.
Here a couple of typical MAF sensor formats

Ram bad MAF Sensor Diagnosis

If the MAF sensor has gone bad, it’ll trigger the examine engine light and provide an OBDII problem code. This is great because it help you narrow down the problem. The two most usual trouble codes in relationship to the MAF sensor are:

There are other codes concerned the fixed air flow sensor together well, however these room the most typical ones. Here’s a terrific video on just how to diagnose a negative MAF sensor making use of a multimeter indigenous Ratchets and also Wrenches on YouTube.

Cleaning the Mass airflow Sensor

Often, the mass air flow sensor yes, really only requirements cleaning once they walk bad. Part folks recommend making use of alcohol since it’s commonly on hand, and can clean the sensor. This is a negative idea, it can destroy the sensor. Uses mass air flow sensor cleaner. It’s yes, really cheap and easily accessible at any parts store. It certain beats the heck out of having to purchase a new sensor.

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Locate the MAF Sensor– It’ll be in between the waiting filter and the accelerator body. Remove the Sensor- Take treatment not to damages the wiring exploit or the connector pins that get the harness in the MAF. An easy hand tools will be all that you need to finish the job. Clean the Sensor– currently that you’ve removed your Ram’s MAF sensor, it’s time to clean it. You’ll need the MAF cleaner. You are not scrubbing anything. Let the chemicals carry out their job. Around a dozen tiny bursts will be all that you need. Replace the Sensor


Replacing a poor MAF sensor can make your ram feel prefer a new vehicle. Great luck through the diagnosis. If there is anything that you would prefer to add, please feel cost-free to leaving a comment below.