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well not really checked the lights due to the fact that I purchase it,
a pair weeks, well wouldnt you understand the very first time ns drive it when I job-related late & require headlights I have actually "issues".the Cherokee is a 1996, 4 cylinder 5 rate model, & besides the light issue, i love it.I have no short beams, nothing, only on high beams, to add there isnt a switch because that the fog lights, hmm......the headlight switch once jiggling, the dash lighs will fluctuate, but I have actually either high, or no beams, parking lights carry out illuminate & stay illuminated.just gained home at 9:30pm, & wont try looking tonight, tired, & simply drove it 30 miles residence running only on high any kind of ideas whereby to start? can it it is in a fuse? relay? switch? the headlights themselves? what is best an initial step? or is this a usual problem?Thanks,Randy

the squirrels in a 2.5 can"t operation fast enough to light up the short beams. Sorry, couldn"t resist yet you could want to check the sockets connecting to the light to watch if there is corrosion. Inspect the relay in the box under the hood and also if the move is that temperamental, i would adjust it because that sure. Together for the fog light switch, you"re on your own.
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well i e-mailed the owner, they responded that this occurred before, & they had put a brand new switch in a few months ago, & it fixed the problem, those the odds that it is the switch again?also asked around the fog lights, the owner said they are difficult wired to the low beam circuit, so they burn every the time, so whenever the the short beams are on, the fog lights space on.did the extra attract running fog lights all the time cause the move to go bad again? or is this other else?I plan to bespeak a headlight wiring upgrade shortly to take it the pack off the switch, & will include a move to the fog light circuit.Randy
Could be the move again because of the extra load. One various other thing you can want to inspect is the headlight harness under the hood top top the driver"s side. I had actually to run a brand-new ground come bypass the pigtail as soon as the ground walk on me. Top top the add to side, headlight switches aren"t terribly high value so no a negative place to start.

it can be the move or the harness, havin the fogs tough wired into the lo beams isnt a an excellent idea no issue what. Tappin into the drivin/parkin lamp n havin a relay n a toggle move is the method to wire up the fogs. Difficult wirin them could reason the wires come overheat n melt the coatin top top the wires n likewise causin the cable to ground the end blowin the fuse n perhaps messin up the lightin system.

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