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i very own a 1996 dodge ram 2500 turbo diesel reg. Cab 8ft. Bed auto tranny airlift kit 4.10 rears #10 fuel plate financial institutions wastegate and 4 inch turbo earlier exhaust, replaced rotors north shoes and pads including wheel cylinders, it has actually a 8.5 quart deep fin tranny pan, and pryo boost and infectious diseases worldwide temp gauges. To be towing numerous years v it and also never any kind of problems. Truck empty 5441 payload 3559 max towing 18000i plan on buying a fuzion 402 13000 empty 2750 pen weight. Have no toys just 4 dogs and also 2 bicyclesmy question is will certainly this combo job-related ??????plan top top cross country haul next aprilplease share me her thoughtsjohn

If i were girlfriend I would buy the 5er and also have fun!! girlfriend have an ext than enough truck to manage it, just remember to have actually the truck plated heavy sufficient for the load also.

Hi JohnSorry to disagree through the vault poster yet I don"t think girlfriend have sufficient truck for that fifth wheel. Although girlfriend aren"t loading toys right into it, don"t forget around everything else you might take through you that will include up weight, especially on a cross nation trip. Her stuff you litter in the camper definitely won"t include up to the amount of a quad or motorcycle yet it adds up nonetheless. I would recheck her tow volume on her 3/4 ton together I don"t think it"s that high. I have actually a 2001 Ford F350 dually Crewcab and my fifth wheel capacity is 15500 lbs. If that fusion were loaded I would certainly feel the need to go to a newer truck with higher towing volume yet or an F450 or F550. Outside of tow capacity and trailer weight, likewise consider the the Fuzion 402 is 39 feet long and 8"6" wide. That"s a the majority of camper come tow, specifically with a 3/4 ton truck. Have you considered any other Keystone models? They have other brands prefer the Cougar or Montana the have great layouts. My Keystone Cougar 5th wheel has actually a constructed in slide out bike rack top top the earlier that will haul as much as 250 lbs.Good luck.Dale
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Hi DaleI have thought about other trailers. Yet lets take into factor to consider our lifestyle. We offered our residence after the kids moved out, and know mine wife and i bought a acre of land and also we live in a outback fifthwheel now, fulltimers together you westerners say. My wife and i are german. Ns don`t miss out on the house at all.........we come and go together we want.......i desire a toyhauler so our dogs will certainly live in the garage once on the road. That don`t work great in bunk house. And also we room not leaving lock home.........and yes mine max axle weight for my van is 3559. 1996 dodge come out with heavy duty suspension because that truck bed campers, and my max linked weight is 18000. Ns was thinking around putting in one exhaust brake and just going because that it, its difficult for me to market off that truck, never ever left me down and also been anywhere with or without 5th wheel. We room going following week on holidays to branson mi for 5 work 500 miles pulling about 10000. I will certainly then think around it. Dale expect to hear indigenous you. Gain this life mine friend, perhaps we see ya on the road. I`ll have actually a cold one waiting on ya ;Djohnandgaby