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i have actually a 95 honda accord vtec 2.2 4 cylinder i have actually a severe misfire on every the cylinder ns am trying to change the coil fill to see if that fit the trouble anyone understand where the coil fill is loacted in ~ or does it not have actually one ? it not under the distributor ? or does this car dont have actually a coil pack. Is it just the ingition coil the in the distributor ? anyone recognize ?
its ideal behind the distributor. You should see a lead from the bottom of the distributor cap to the coil....unless it is an internal coil then it is behind the cap.
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1995 honda accord lx wagon
i have actually a 1995 honda accord lx 4cyl vtech and my coil load is not in distributor whereby according to pics and also youtube it should be over there so wherein else do i look for it for this reason i deserve to replace it

Some 95 Accords had outside coils (LX & DX). Simply look at her distributor cap and follow the wires. 4 go to the plugs and also the other one goes to the coil.If friend are trying to find the ignition module, the the part with 4? small wires enclosed in her pictures.

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