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I bought a 93 s10 that seemed to operation good, however took it for smog and also its to run rich, i started by doing a spark plug, wires, cap and rotor replacement, than readjusted out the map sensor engine temperature sensor, and installed brand-new injectors. Take it it for smog again and also still to run rich, therefore I replaced the o2 sensor and also did a tbi rebuild and checked the wiring top top the lid after analysis up ~ above the firing together 123456 one ~ above the passenger side, so made decision to replace the pick up coil, traction the distributor changed it along with the o ring cause it was leaking and now the truck starts however sounds rough and also like its knocking deserve to anyone aid with setup the timing correctly.
You most likely didn"t acquire the distributor stabbed in the correct position.You need to obtain the rotor inside wall up with the engine position.Easiest way is to bring the engine increase on TDC #1, restab the distributor come align the rotor through the #1 terminal.
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You most likely didn"t get the distributor stabbed in the exactly position.You require to get the rotor lined up with the engine position.Easiest means is to lug the engine increase on TDC #1, restab the distributor come align the rotor v the #1 terminal.

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Thank you, I gotten rid of the distributor and reinstalled at tdc pointing towards #1 in ~ passenger side with 123456 shoot order and also now it starts appropriate up time it in ~ 8, and also now it starts no difficulty idles descent but has a slight hesitation at acceleration, no examine engine light, however does hesitate a small not certain if I must take that to acquire rechecked again because that smog yet.
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