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Hi all, ns can"t get ago to occupational until I obtain my journey running, this is just one of the nagging items, I"ve searched the car and also the web to find out if and where a fuel shut turn off relay can be if over there is one.1992 Camry Le 2.2 EFI.

We discovered the on/off relay , but are searching for A" Fuel Pump shut off relay the is prompted by a jolt or accident etc, if over there is in reality one of those in a 1992.

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Thanks,We popped loosened the installation on optimal of the Fuel Filter and found loads of pressure.There seems to be no spark, not good at checking that though. The 2 conductor cable (ylw/red) that goes right into the next of the distributer is showing12 volts with an essential on, us ordered a new coil that need to be inside the distributer and also will download it in the morning.
"There appears to be no spark, not good at checking the though"You need a digital volt/ohmeter and the specs from any kind of manaul to examine it."we notified a brand-new coil that must be within the distributer and will install it in the morning."That"s typically the culprit when there is a no spark problem on any kind of of the first 3 generations of Camrys; specifically when this cars rack up lot"s of mile on them.Mike
CURE:New coil to be the cure, the coil is located within the distributer, you have to take it out to have the ability to unscrew/unbolt the coil native the distributer frame, that is really hard to traction it indigenous the motor, however dont provide up, it"s a chop seal simply keep functioning it out from the engine.Read a shop manual, it warns you to replace the dist the come the exact position where you took it out, i think it says to bang the motor so the rotor points to cap wire #1 (something favor that).Mine was currently in the spot, we significant with a black color marker roughly the forward peak bolt, and additionally made a cross note at 12 O"clock where the dist housing mates v the block, that means it might go on close sufficient so the timming is nice good.Anyway the operation is pretty basic , we took off the air intake hose and disconnected the battery.Started right up , ran stormy for a little then ago to the sewing maker purrrrrr.....lolNote: it operation funny till you put ago the waiting filter and hoses together it"s no calibrated to run without it.No one chimmed in through a diffinitive answer come the op , maybe someday someone will certainly have solution lolThanks every for her help.I love this car, it"s a keeper.250,000 miles