Automobiles with one overhead cam style implement a belt to orchestrate a perfectly time sequence of engine operation. This is why it is described as the time belt, and is subject to wear and also tear end time, so it will must be replaced. The time belt is located inside of a protective real estate on her engine and should be changed at the stated interval. The average timing belt replacement price for a smaller automobile can range from $ 300 – $ 500 while a bigger SUV or minivan will expense on typical $ 700. on the highest finish of the spectrum, you could need to pay $ 1,000 to have your timing belt serviced. On mean timing belts need to be replaced every 75,000 mile or 5 years, yet refer to your owners hands-on for precise specifications.

The bulk of the expense is labor, because many parts must be removed from the engine come gain access to the belt. A usual timing belt will only cost between $ 25 and $ 50, yet the repair takes at the very least a few hours. The labor cost to change a timing belt can variety from $ 200 – $ 900. timing belt replacement have to be conducted by a skilled mechanic together it is an progressed project that needs one to disassemble the engine to be able to remove the old belt.

What Is A timing Belt?

A time belt keeps your engine in sync by allowing the crankshaft and camshafts come fire perfect on time. The valves and also cylinder heads are situated on the optimal section of the engine if the pistons space towards the bottom. her timing belt will save these two equipment operating perfect in harmony. keep in psychic that not all cars use a rubber timing belt as contemporary 1992 Honda Accord wagons use a timing chain which should outlast the engine itself. If her 1992 Honda Accord wagon was produced prior come 1995, you should expect to have a timing belt. Otherwise, friend will require to consult her owners hands-on to view if there is a stated interval because that replacing this item of equipment.

This is comparable to a serpentine belt, yet not precisely the same. The is much various than the actual journey belts that you can see once opening the hood. These belts won’t have as significant of an affect if they fail, and they are conveniently visible from the engine compartment for this reason you can keep one eye on your condition. Every auto manufacturers specify exactly when this organization should it is in done and also we extremely recommend that you stay specifically on their schedule as a fail will an outcome in serious and expensive damage. If girlfriend can’t uncover this in the documentation for your 1992 Honda Accord wagon girlfriend either do not have actually a time belt that requirements to it is in serviced, or you simply missed it. In one of two people case, you need to consult through a skilled to gain the precise answer come this question. Also though it is one of the an ext expensive preventative maintenance items for you car, that is well worth the investment.

time Belt Replacement cost Comparison graph

The cost of instead of a time belt may vary substantially from ar to location. We extremely recommend the you call approximately to gain a couple of quotes before making her decision on where to have the repair done, unless you space experienced enough to carry out it yourself. occasionally your regional mechanic could be the ideal option if lock are trying to find work together it is a very straightforward procedure and provides them a great profit. Be a smart consumer when it comes to changing a time belt and also get yourself a an excellent deal.

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expense Comparison By company Center agency consisted of Items Price
your Mechanic Belt only short
Pep boys Belt just medium
Goodyear Belt just High
regional Shop All materials different
Midas Belt & Pump High
do It you yourself All components very Low

typical Timing Belt expense By car

The price to change a time belt will vary based upon how lot labor is compelled to accessibility the components. Passenger cars are typically less high value with smaller sized engines the are simpler to take apart. You should expect to pay more for a 1992 Honda Accord wagon v a bigger engine , specifically a V8 ~ above a truck or SUV.

expense of timing Belt replacement By auto vehicle Year cost
Honda public 1996 $ 415
Toyota Camry 1998 $ 398
PT Cruiser 2001 $ 450
Subaru Impreza 1995 $ 624
Lexus RX300 1999 $ 780
Nissan Pathfinder 1998 $ 813
Hyundai Sonata 2006 $ 500
Ford Escort 1996 $ 302

when To replace Your time Belt

Every 1992 Honda Accord wagon will differ, so be sure to check the recommended schedule for her 1992 Honda Accord wagon year and also model. A an excellent guideline come follow would be to change your time belt every 75,00 mile or 5 years, whichever come first. Your timing belt is built of rubber and breaks under from heat and also stress from to run in the engine. There room teeth top top the bottom of the belt that save the engine synchronized and also running well. If these teeth wear down and also slip, or the belt stretches, you will have a significant problem.

you should automatically replace the timing belt if that starts having any kind of common symptoms . A time belt will typically start to create a high pitched, squeaking, noise prior to it fails. If the time belt does break, that will cause a very big sound in the engine as components will be break forcefully. The engine will likewise shut off and not have the ability to restart.

exactly how To examine Your time Belt

What wake up If A time Belt Breaks?

The last point that you want to address in her internal burning engine is a damaged timing belt. If this happens that valves and also pistons will certainly not it is in in sync and collide into each various other with good force. This will result in the pistons and valves becoming damaged along with the internal walls of the cylinders. In the worst situation scenario the camshaft will likewise be damaged i m sorry is a very expensive repair. A non-interference form engine design will not an outcome in any kind of damage if the belt breaks, yet will tho disable your 1992 Honda Accord wagon completely.

how To change A timing Belt

replacing a timing belt calls for an advanced knowledge of mechanical solution as you will have to remove many parts and put them earlier correctly. If girlfriend are familiar with your engine and comfortable through the idea that doing the yourself, you deserve to follow the steps. Otherwise girlfriend should call an ASE certified experienced to take care of the work.

Remove all of the parts that can be prevent your accessibility to the engine timing belt cover. remove the cover and inspect the materials and condition that the belt. replace the belt through the recommended component number. nothing forget to likewise replace the water pump, tensioners and pulleys while an altering the belt iteself. change the covers and components as they were initially installed.

Extra Thoughts and also Considerations

v the amount of labor forced to accessibility the time belt, the is constantly a great idea to change other materials simultaneously together they will currently be eliminated or easy to replace during this repair. Here is a perform of engine components to replace once servicing her timing belt.

Water pump: The water pump is typically driven by the time belt and needs to be removed for the switch. The part is inexpensive and also might also be upgraded while it is currently in the shop. The expense of labor much outweighs the price that the water pump itself. Pulleys and Tensioner: these parts must be replaced with the timing belt because if they fails, the same damage as a time belt failure have the right to occur. They provide the force required to keep the belt tight and also operating without any kind of slack, also preventing it from falling off of the track. front Engine Seals: The part cost for replacing seals is nominal in to compare the labor forced to access them.

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These seals can prolong the life and also performance that the engine.