Hello All. I"ve spent hours on this and am obtaining a little frustrated. This happens just in hot weather. The auto starts and also runs fine until I revolve it off. Then it won"t start again and the D4 irradiate blinks. This has actually been a consistent concern even after instead of a poor trans critical year, but has acquired worse lately. I"ve spent the time and researched this online, and found the likely causes for not starting in hot weather, room either the main relay (bad solder joints), or a poor transmission manage unit ( TCM ). Since the D4 light is blinking, I"m leaning towards the tcm. Yet I want to inspect the error codes.So ns cleared the error password by removed the key fuse, then began it and drove that a few miles. Turned it off, waited 5 minutes, and tried to start it, and also of food it didn"t start, yet the D4 light began blinking (which i expected). So i shorted the company check connector, and checked the tcm diagnostic password by counting the blinking D4 light. It provided me 4 separate error codes. 1 blink, 2 blinks, 7 blinks, climate 8 blinks. Heres whats driving me crazy. The only error codes ns can uncover anywhere space for the ecu, not the tcm, and the 4 password I have don"t make any sense through regard to the tcm avoiding the auto from starting. If I use the ecu password (1, 2, 7, 8 ) they are for:1 O2A - Oxygen sensor #12 O2B - Oxygen sensor #27 TPS - throttle place sensor8 TDC - top dead center sensor - non of i beg your pardon is infection related. I mean, If this codes to be correct, wouldn"t the check engine light be on rather of the blinking D4 light?As for the inspect engine light, it only comes top top briefly when I start the car, i m sorry is normal, and has never come on when driving, and also it never ever comes on as soon as the vehicle doesn"t start from this problem. Just the D4 irradiate blinks. For this reason I know the codes are from the tcm no the ecu. If ns clear the codes and also then start the car, it will run perfect for hours at a time, till I turn it off and try to restart it. For this reason those error password which use to the ecu can"t apply here, due to the fact that it just doesn"t do sense. I mean, if those codes are correct, the vehicle would"t run fine as soon as I did begin it. Would certainly it? for this reason I require to understand what the tcm diagnostic password are, no the codes for the ecu. It needs to be a seperate collection of codes yet I can"t discover them anywhere. Every short article on this forum questioning for tcm codes has actually been described the ecu codes, yet again, that doesn"t do sense. I"m not a mechanic, however it seems that there need to be a different collection of codes because that the tcm and the ecu. Help.....As it stands, I"m gaining ready to pull the tcm and swap the out, because that is a known problem in warm weather, yet I would still like to find the exactly codes. Any aid or principles here are considerably appreciated. Especially if you can offer me the really tcm codes
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92 accord
I had actually the exact same problem, i took the automobile to a mech, he said nothing wrong v oxegen sensor however the ports necessary cleaning out, i had no inspect engine light, after that did the it cleared the code yet still had the blinking d-4 light and the starting problem, after reserch and also study i found that the key realy provides a voltage to the tcu, a bad realay and also poor solder joints at the pig tail the the main relay brought about the vehicle not to start when warm , also caused the tcu to malfuntion , i put a brand-new relay in and also resoldered the pigtail, had to also replace the tcu, be sure to gain the ideal number, few of the at an early stage tcu,s were susceptible to failure PXO 721 because that dx and also lx, ex and also se are different and also will not work, likewise has to come from a 92 or 3, 90- 91 will not work, in some later 92 models had actually a PXO 722 which is what i obtained from a junk yard and also its perfect, the vehicle shifts and starts well now. Expect this info is helpful.

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. There space a lot of tcu,s from 90 to 93 that all look at alike and also will plug in yet will not perform correctly so clock the number,s candid Allen