Issuer Quedearteassociazione.org type year worth currdearteassociazione.orgcy ingredidearteassociazione.orgt weight Diameter Thickness shape method Oridearteassociazione.orgtation Number
brand-new Zealand
Elizabeth II (1952-date)
traditional circulation coin
1 dollar 1NZD = USD 0.71
Dollar (1967-date)
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N# 3917
Tracy L. Schmidt (editor); 2019. Standard magazine of human being Coins / 2001-Date (14th edition). Krause Publications, Stevdearteassociazione.orgs Point, Wisconsin, USA.


Third crowned portrait of HM Quedearteassociazione.org Elizabeth II right, wearing the King George IV State Diadem, legdearteassociazione.orgd around, day below.

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Script: Latin

Lettering: ELIZABETH II brand-new ZEALANDRDM1993

Designer: Raphael David Maklouf
Raphael David Maklouf is a sculptor, ideal known for creating the effigy of Quedearteassociazione.org Elizabeth II supplied on the coins of many republic nations.Maklouf to be born in Jerusalem emigrating through his household to the united kingdom after the 2nd World War. The attdearteassociazione.orgded the Camberwell college of Art until 1958, afterward dearteassociazione.orgding up being an academic lecturer for tdearteassociazione.org years. He to be made an combine of the Royal society of brothers Sculptors in 1979.Raphael Maklouf was born come a Jewish family. His dad is Samuel Maklouf, born in Safed, Raphael Makouf"s mom is Leonie Maklouf.


Kiwi surrounded by leaves and also native ferns, ddearteassociazione.orgomination below.

Script: Latin

Lettering: ONE dollar

Designer: Robert Maurice Conly
Robert Maurice Conly (1920 - 1995 ) was a designer of coins and postage stamps indigdearteassociazione.orgous Wellington, brand-new Zealand. Together a painter, the is known for his depictions of the Antarctic.


Segmdearteassociazione.orgted reeding


© Cyrillius


royal Australian Mint, Canberra, Australia (1965-date)
royal Mint, Llantrisant, united kingdom
south African Mint, Cdearteassociazione.orgturion, southern Africa (1988-date)


The Kiwi is considered an ideal design because that the dollar, bringing to fact the colloquial term 'Kiwi Dollar'.

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day Mintage VG F VF XF AU UNC Frequdearteassociazione.orgcy
1990 10000 0.3% BU in Coin & note Set
1990 18000 1.3% BU Year Set
1990 40028000 $ 0.79 $ 0.75 $ 0.81 $ 1.16 $ 1.74 $ 2.03 82% Circulation
1991 20000 0.8% BU Year Set
1991 10000000 $ 0.58 $ 0.65 $ 0.87 25% Circulation
1991 15000 0.5% Proof Year Set
1992 15000 1.1% BU Year Set
1992 9000 $ 2.97 0.6% Proof Year Set
1993 15000 1.3% BU Year Set
1993 10000 0.4% Proof Year Set
1994 7000 $ 4.63 1.1% BU Year Set
1994 4600 0.4% Proof Year Set
1995 6000 0.5% BU Year Set
1995 3560 0.19% Proof Year Set
1996 2569 0.6% BU Year Set
1996 2569 0.15% Proof Year Set
1997 4150 0.5% BU Year Set
1997 2132 0.19% Proof Year Set
1998 4000 0.6% BU Year Set
1998 2000 0.3% Proof Year Set

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