I owned a 86 Suzuki Madura 1200 v4 for around 9 years. Fastest bicycle I ever before owned at the time. Granted my V Max is faster, however it has some great mods and also the madura was bone stock. Friend guys ever before ride one of these bikes. I like to check out them go head come head with no mods. What carry out you males think. Mike

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I purchase a 750F around the exact same time 2 of my friends bought brand-new V45"s (Magnas) & I obtained to thrash "em both. You can launch castle hard! i was more-used to my 750F therefore I was able to ride the better, yet the V45"s did OK, simply not as-fast v those males riding as I might do indigenous a dead stop. Neither one to be willing to learn exactly how to drop the clutch at 7500 for a rapid dig if stopped, yet they would do roll-ons OK. They to be pretty amazed what the bikes were capable of as soon as someone released it hard. Of course, once you obtained well-over 100 mph, the ergos that the cruisers slowed them down while the semi-crouch friend could impact on the 750F would permit better, more-stable speed acccrual in the triple digits. I assumed the 750F was pretty quick until I obtained beaten speak two-up through a GF by a 911. As quickly as I could I sold the 750F and also bought the very first of 3 KZ1000"s. The Maduras were never an extremely popular in FL but you experienced a few V65"s. The 750 cc V45"s to be cheaper, & more-prevalent. If you mistook a V65 because that a V45, girlfriend were most likely to gain a class in accelleration and also defeat if you to be on something less than 1000 cc. I"m not sure about the Madura, but I bet they were a mid 11-sec. Drive in the hands of a competent rider. That makes it a no-contest uneven the VMax is running on a bad second gear, not unheard-of...then perhaps the Madura has a chance. OK, therefore I had actually to search to uncover some trusted times: "What room the 1/4 mile and also HP specs for my Madura? V1200 - every CYCLE magazine from Jan. 1986: The V1200 BHP is 89.36 max

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115.06 mph. It was tested in ~ the time versus three other cruisers and also came in third place in the 1/4 mile (can you think that garbage???!!). The test contained the Yamaha Vmax (), Kawasaki Eliminator 900 (), Suzuki Madura (), and Honda Magna (). "http://www.lk3000.com/madura/faq.cfm One point I can say through certainty, is that if a Madura was alongside a V65 Magna, that made the Magna watch good! Either one of them were homely wallflowers beside the bike that specifies a category, and still go 26 year later.