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Americas existing circulation coin denominations all have designs rooted in the 20th century. Every of the major denominations, indigenous the penny as much as the half dollar, function a bust the a former US chairman on the obverse through varying symbols on the reverse. Among the newest designs in this selection is the Kennedy fifty percent Dollar, a coin through a design introduced in 1964. Ideal now, JFK yellow Plated fifty percent Dollar Coins are easily accessible to acquisition online indigenous JM Bullion.

Coin Highlights:

Arrives in separate capsules through individual display screen stands!Includes a Certificate of Authenticity!Beautiful gold-plated coin!Authentic us legal tender coin!Features two Gold-Plated US fifty percent Dollars!Bears a face value of $.50 (USD) backed by the commonwealth government.On the obverse is President man F. Kennedy.The reverse features the modified us Presidential Seal.24-karat gold layering!

Each JFK Gold-Plated half Dollar Coin easily accessible to friend in this JM Bullion listing is one authentic united state legal tender 50-cent coin. Though this coins have the metallic composition of cupro-nickel, the modern standard because that American circulation coins together of 1964, each one of these pieces has actually collectible flair courtesy of its finish. After production at the us Mint, this coins were magnified with a class of 24-karat yellow for added visual brilliance and also collectible appeal. The coins also come through a Certificate the Authenticity. This two-coin set features a coin through a “D” mint note from the Denver Mint and another v a “P” mint mark from the Philadelphia Mint.

Although these circulation US fifty percent dollars have a cupro-nickel alloy, each one has a beautiful great of 24-karat gold applied throughout the whole of the obverse and also reverse architecture fields. The Kennedy half Dollar is significant as the last us coin to have been released by the united state Mint right into circulation with 90% silver- content. The dime and quarter switched come cupro-nickel with the 1964 release, yet the 1964 Kennedy half Dollar was produced in its an initial year v 90% silver. Indigenous 1965 to 1970, the coins had actually 40% silver- content. As of 1971, every Kennedy fifty percent Dollars use cupro-nickel.

On the obverse side of JFK Gold-Plated half Dollar Coins, you will discover a right-profile bust the President man F. Kennedy. The Kennedy fifty percent Dollar Coin is the just coin in US background to attribute the effigy the a President that was actually approved by the President. Gilroy Roberts modified this bust because that the half dollar in 1964, however he had actually originally developed it in 1962 because that the Presidential Medal collection and that was approved at the time by president Kennedy.

The reverse challenge of JKF Gold-Plated fifty percent Dollars comes with a modified variation of the us Presidential Seal. Candid Gasparro completed this style in 1964 together a modified variation of his previously-produced variation of the seal for the President man F. Kennedy appreciation medal.

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