The 1922 ten dollar gold certificates are huge size bills that room valuable. Keep analysis to learn more about these bills.



The style of this bill functions a portrait the Michael Hillegas, one American politician who was the very first Treasurer of the united States.

There space two various varieties because that this bill. There is F-1173 and also F-1173a. These arrays look essentially the same except F-1173a has tiny serial numbers.

Denomination:$10.00 USD
Type:Gold Certificate
Portrait:Michael Hillegas
Series:One: 1922


The worth will rely on the particular variety and the bill"s condition. Star notes carry out not exist for this series.

The 1922 series $10 yellow certificate no. F-1173 is worth around $110 in very an excellent condition. In an extremely fine condition the worth is approximately $250. In exceptionally fine condition the value is approximately $500. Uncirculated bills with a great of multiple sclerosis 63 have the right to sell for approximately $1,250.

The 1922 collection $10 gold certificate no. F-1173a is worth roughly $110 in very great condition. In very fine problem the value is roughly $350. In extremely fine problem the worth is around $575. Uncirculated bills with a grade of multiple sclerosis 63 deserve to sell for about $1,500.

If you have actually one of these bills then us recommend put it into a large-size money holder. This money holder will save the bill safe and secure.

Grading System

Very good- A circulated keep in mind that has significant wear come it. There could be one or two tears ~ above the edge of the note. The note might be discolored, dark in appearance, or limp.

Very fine- A note that has been in circulation but not because that a lengthy time. The keep in mind is still fairly crisp. There may be some creases, folds, or light smudges.

Extremely fine- A keep in mind that shows little signs that having remained in circulation. The note will be bright and also it will have actually almost every one of its initial crispness. There might be one or two minor creases or folds but there space no stains, discolorations, or tears.

MS 63 an option uncirculated- A keep in mind that shows no indications of ever having been in circulation. The note still has its initial crispness.

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The note is likewise well-centered.